Worker Occupational

It makes sense to opt for additional insurance additional benefits for the employee by the company due to the current legal situation. Especially the occupational supplementary health insurance has many advantages to offer – in times where there is continual benefit cuts in the statutory health insurance. Instead of its employees a raise to give, such additional insurance makes much more sense. Finally, health and well-being demonstrably increase the productivity in a company. For the employer the occupational supplementary health insurance means a comparatively low financial outlay, while the employees can benefit from significantly high performance. In contrast to the effect of an increase in salary, which quickly fizzled, stops such a commitment over the years. After all, health is today more than ever an issue. And above all the fact that the statutory health insurance gaps become larger and larger, ensures that the occupational supplementary health insurance is especially timely, convenient and meaningful.

This additional insurance has numerous benefits both the employee and the employer. So there is a lasting positive impact on employee retention, in addition to strengthened social competence. For many entrepreneurs also interesting: A reduction and reduction of disease-related outages, as well as by healing reducing the cost-effectiveness of the operation increases at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that the non-wage costs are reduced and a cost-effective employee participation in the success of the company has. Thus the occupational health insurance can be considered quite attractive and profitable social service without additional costs.

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