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AMMA Education

July 18, 2013

Consequently, education carried out principles of teaching and learning to resolve conflicts in a non-violent way, making our relationships a source of personal enrichment in the service of the community. Learn values as significant on the basis of the collective construction, so that the learning citizen through democracy and thus maximise is participatory and egalitarian. The culture of peace and non-violence is the relationship where the education goals but also the goals of the society are not only. Now if you can be a concept considered as emerging. Signs of globalization and what they call the third industrial revolution placed in the center of the development components of the knowledge and information education should prepare the individual for work in a society not always cohesive, make it suitable for performing his role as citizen and develop it as a human being. So far this education cannot be is reduced only to the schools, because the objectives of education and the educational process that requires the society and the culture of peace, are so complex that any educational center so far has been sufficient to separately perform this action.

Given this scenario, the only solution consists in restructure society so that you can commit to all its areas and all institutions in this process, for example would be media, authorities, trade associations, professional groups and non-governmental organizations. Therefore, an educational reform that set the culture of peace as a priority for education is not enough, but is it one its that it corresponds to the society as a whole. Compulsory education is a solid base that contributes to the construction of this culture, but peace as law requires permanent and coordinated participation of all stakeholders social. In his speech the Millennium World Peace Summit, AMMA, described the real change must occur from our interior, that you must first delete the internal conflicts and all negativity to then play a real and constructive role in the establishment of peace.