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The Other

October 26, 2017

As this does not This has been done, you have to then arrive at the conclusion that the moral and ethical crisis that humanity, which has brought with it all the other crises, lives is not a crisis of what taught the founder of Christianity, Jesus, the Christ, but of what those who divine for their purposes to appropriating the word want to understand Christianityi.e. the product of the failure of a belief or faith as a result of having been distorted. Many people are wondering why Dios silent before so many calamities they afflict humanity and cannot or want to accept that God nor was silent in the past nor does it currently. More info: Diamonds. Despite this, always acting outside the scope of influence and power of the ecclesial institutions, as in the case of the prophets and mystics mentioned above, God’s spirit is instructing for more than 30 years worldwide, through the prophetic Word, which occurs in Germany through a woman, about relationships and spiritual explanations that already announced Jesus de Nazareth, when he said: ‘it would still be many who say to you, but now you can not understand it. But when he, the spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. As the spirit of God is free and is not to pigeonhole in rites, dogmas, traditions or hierarchies, as well as nor forcing anybody to believe what he says and teaches, those people who want to rely on another statement of the Nazarene ‘ search and you will find, called and you open, could dislodge a distorted faith for centuries and dare to listen toread or make themselves a spiritual help that is offered in, on the basis of the freedom that is inherent to God, but that is not in the institutions of the world. Original author and source of the article.

Without Return

October 24, 2017

PASSED WITHOUT RETURN 18.04.09 I dreamed that I came back pro last last without return, Prisoner perpetual and kept I felt myself trancafiado Until at a moment I started to believe in the wind that As much time I felt that I became to have joy in that type of life. because I got tired myself? Nor I myself I know? More I woke up and now I know that it was not locked but only moved away Of the world where I was servant, still I ask myself if it was a dream or it is my world Constructed for everything ignored by the world. Moments of indetermination calm my heart, therefore I do not know what I go to make if Start or not to believe in that I can see or if I go to have to hide that me for wanting To be thus: Prisoner in the happy past in what I make?. Official site: Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

Principles Of Marketing In The Internet

October 24, 2017

Principles of Marketing in the Internet As to apply these Principles of Marketing in the Internet the right way If you want to become involved with the marketing online and really to be successful, then this is more than what possible if you will be determined and to make what you need to make. The following article speaks on one some principles of Internet marketing that you need to have in mind if you to want to continue progressing without any soluo in the way. We want to present it a concept that involves basically making intelligent use of systems of IM in its business. Functions of routine that you need to follow must in such a way be systemize that it does not take much time to implement them. We are saying of outsourcing aid or making use of a software that goes to loan to some degree of automation for its business-oriented activities and tasks.

What this goes to make for you, in the long run if you to use these devices to alavancar? The almost nothing he is more powerful of what clear instructions eo way that you need to take. You can get very creative with this and to exclusively apply it to its proper situation business. All the successful people in the business had something to go in, they had a vision of some type for what they wanted to make. The Hayzlett Group recognizes the significance of this. Each part of its marketing on-line clearly needs to be for you and it must not have any confusion. Moreover, if you are not clearly on this, then you never go to know if you are going in a circle or what. Then you to establish its plan of action on the basis of its objectives and vision, and then you to write what you must make. If it never worries about any thing that comes to its way, because you go to fortify its mentality throughout the way, and you nothing cannot leave to be in its way.

To prevent total to become involved itself with a ton of projects and trying to make stocking dozen of things to function. When you think on what we are saying, you you go to see the common-sense aspect of it, and it makes the direction all. Not to be worried about the others, but if you to follow this plan of focus and its strategy, then we promise that you will be for you are in the front of many other people. If it goes or not to take these lies and digeriz them is with you, as always, it is until you.

Fundamental Internet Rights

October 18, 2017

Given the inclusion in the Draft Law on Sustainable economy of legislative changes affecting the free exercise of freedom of expression, information and the right of access to culture via the Internet, journalists, bloggers, users, professionals and developers Internet express our firm opposition to the project. We declare that: 1. Copyright can not be above the fundamental rights of citizens, including the right to privacy, security, the presumption of innocence, to effective judicial protection and freedom of expression. 2. The suspension of fundamental rights is and must remain the exclusive competence of the judiciary. Not a close without trial. This blueprint, contrary to the provisions of Article 20.5 of the Constitution, put in the hands of a non-judicial body, a body under the Ministry of Culture, “the power of Spanish citizens prevent access to any website.

3. The new legislation will create legal uncertainty across the sector Spanish technology, damaging one of the few areas of development and future of our economy, hindering the creation of business by introducing barriers to competition and slowing its international expansion. 4. The new proposed legislation threatens to hinder new creators and cultural creation. With the Internet and the successive technological advances has dramatically democratized the creation and release of contents of any kind, no longer come predominantly from the traditional cultural industries, but from many different sources.

5. The authors, like all workers are entitled to live on his work with new creative ideas, business models and activities associated with their creations. Trying to hold with legislative changes to an industry not known obsolete adapt to this new environment is neither fair nor realistic. If your business model is based on the control of the copies of the works and the Internet is not possible without violating fundamental rights, should find another model. 6. We believe that cultural industries need to Alternative survive modern, effective, credible and affordable to suit new social uses, rather than limitations so disproportionate as to be ineffective in pursuing that claim. 7. Internet should work freely and without political interference sponsored by groups that seek to perpetuate outdated business models and make it impossible for human knowledge remains free. 8. We demand that the law guarantees the neutrality of the network in Spain, to any pressure that may occur as a framework for developing a realistic and sustainable economy for the future.

9. We propose a real reform of intellectual property rights aimed at an end: to return to society knowledge, promote the public domain and limit abuses of the managing bodies. 10. In a democracy the laws and their amendments should be adopted after due debate and having consulted all parties involved. It is unacceptable that legislative changes are made that affect fundamental rights in a non-organic law and other material concerns. Leave a comment.