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March 24, 2022

Second (PAIM, PROTA and RODRIGUEZ. 1999), the dispersion of this community had in great parts the invasions in land search for culture, harms also to the conflicts between two peoples who had practically become the black culture. Click Rio Tinto Group for additional related pages. As it gave to perceive, the philosophy was not born in Greece properly said, bad in the jnia and the great one Greece its colonies in the east and ocidente, during some time, two teses had been defended for the fact of the philosophy to have been its only one in Greece. The first thinker of mileto observed that the heat needed water, that the person when it dies is dries, and that the alive things of the nature are humid, that germens is humid, that the foods have seiva and concluded that the water was the beginning of the origin of all the things. For it all the things are full of deuses. It arrives at this affirmation for perceiving that the things in the world are in constant movement.

A theory was also attributed tales to explain evidences floodings to them of the river Nile and the solution of diverse geometric problems. Teles was Anaximandro contemporary and the professor of Anaximenes the others two first philosophers of the history of the culture occidental person. A necessary definition of the term philosophy is impracticable, to try deed of division, could the beginning the least, to generate mistakes. With some imperiosidades. ' ' Somebody could define it as everything it swims, everything or nada' ' the philosophy differs from special science in the measure where it looks for to offer an image of the human or same thought of the reality, it ties where itself it admits that this can be made as a whole. However, in it practises, the content of information that the philosophy adds sciences special tends to vanish ties not to leave vestiges.


January 25, 2022

During the accompaniment of one day entire of activities in campaign of this boat, the following results had been verified: two launchings of net had been carried through, to 09:00 h and 14:00 h, with the total of 5000 jaraquis approximately captured. Other captured species (bod, arraia, cui-cui and catfishes) are distributed by the commander to the too much members of the garrison. This production of jaraqui was vendida to the profiteer at the cost of 220,00 R$ the milheiro, and in turn the profiteer repassed fished in the port of the Ceasa to the value of 280,00 R$ the milheiro. In accordance with information of the profiteer, fished it are paid at sight in the port of the Ceasa, and the view of the prescription of the boat is carried through in land, to the end of the day, and deducted the debits of the boat with the profiteer. ‘ ‘ patro’ ‘ of the boat, in turn, it only carries through the division of prescriptions and expenditures between the crew to Saturdays, therefore: ‘ ‘ If I all pay the final staff of day, it he goes until the side to full the face of cachaa, and in the following day he does not come to work, nor in the other, until finishing the money. Thus, without money during the week, I obtain to control pessoal’ ‘. (R.A, 54 years, boat owner). The too much species captured during the observed period perfaziam around 20 units, divided between the knobs of net, the thrower of net and the observer. Thus, it was verified that, by possessing greater aggregate commercial value in relation to jaraqui (mainly the catfishes), such units had not been repassed the profiteer.

Johann Herbart Being

November 27, 2017

PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION For Alexander Fernandes Dantas Philosophy and Education are two areas of the knowledge. Therefore the area of the knowledge demands a primordial question: How the human being acquires new forms of knowledge of the world encircles that it? The Philosophy takes in them to the investigation: So that it serves the education? Which are the ends? It is important to delimit the reach that we are arguing, that is, we say of the Man occidental person or oriental. In the reality we are in restricting to the Man the occidental person, having as starting point Old Greece. In these initial questions a college of the human being is distinguished: the power to abstract and to reflect on what it exists human. Here, two questions emerge: general one, the diverse purposes (or felt) in sight of which if dirige the educative process.

E to another one, technique, of the procedures that demand specific knowledge of the concrete situations and of the ways that can be used in functions of those. Two educators of prominence who had privileged a reflection on the ends of the education in detriment of some procedures technician had been Johann Pestalozzi (1746-1827) and Georg Kerschensteiner (1854-1921). Pestalozzi defended the belief in half supreme the educative process as for the individual and social perfectioning. It believed that ' ' the education if constructs in a permanent tension enters the desires of the individual natural man and the development of the nature human being universal' '. That is, the education produces the universality from the particularitity and this from that one. Kerschensteiner gave distinction to professional education, to the development of the direction of civic responsibilities, the preservation of the public good and participation of the citizen in the subjects of general interest. It defended the existence of bonds between the educative process and the life. On the other hand, the educators Johann Herbart (1776-1841) and John Dewey (1859-1952) if basically to withhold in the formularization and analysis of methods, from ends previously established.

Herbart contributes for the recognition of the pedagogia as science. It was the one precursor experimental psychology applied to the pedagogia, having as objective the Ethics and ways Psychology. Dewey contributed for the spreading of its New School, refusing the idea of that the educative principle is marked by the instruction; it considers one to educate come back toward the action. For it the knowledge is a directed activity that does not have an end in itself exactly, is the experience that will be the tone of rightness of the education. Of these two chains sobressai the question of ' ' fins' ' therefore he is proper of the philosophical thought to formulate investigations that turn on being of the man in the world, with the introduction of values and of the moral.

The Media.

April 19, 2017

The people do not know, but they are influenced the all moment, and the media is the agent of the action! Which the function of the advertising? TO CONTROL YOU! This is pra that exists amused propagandas, legal announcements, pretty women drinking beer, cachorros balancing the head and singing, and another trivialities of the type This, my expensive, if calls strategy, and knows who is catches for them? You! Yes, you who only consume because its dolo uses one definitive product but use only in the commercial ones, in case that she does not know of this! You, who attend novel, and want to buy the clog that the protagonist uses. You, who adore soccer, and cut the hair as the Neymar. You, who searching ' ' good side of vida' ' it takes ' ' Cocaine; '. You, my expensive, that it is reading now and perceiving that this makes everything, without the least to think Accurately! without thinking! it does not think before buying some thing, I will choose that one that is in fashion that one that its friends use, that one who are more expensive after all, proud quo you would be in being using the tennis most expensive, exactly being of a quality doubtful? You, my friend, who dissimulates not to know of what I am speaking. You, to be mentally ill, that pra never stopped thinking that they do not want that you think, only CONSUMMATES! HE CONSUMMATES! HE CONSUMMATES! HE CONSUMMATES! you, who when finishing to read this go to leave to buy the stock market of the Gisele Bndchen!

Alan Pakula

February 22, 2017

It is enough to know to choose? the ralhos of the philosophy? To know to deliberate is an art. However, many of the choices (proiresis/of the Greek) we make that them can leaving in them very happy, or, extremely disappointed. Follow others, such as Rio- Tinto Diamonds, and add to your knowledge base. Great part of the human beings imagines that the choice must be identified with the desire. What it is according to Macedonian mistake, Aristotle (384 B.C. To see, Ethics the Nicmaco book III, chapter 2), the desires deceive in them. The case that we will go to reflect is so simple that it will make in to understand them the quo if must think before choosing.

E still yes, nor always has guarantees of that we are to make choices correctly. As this month is propitious ‘ convites’ I invite, you to exactly give up the reading in this paragraph. The choice is its! Even! What he is ethical always just has that to be? It depends? Why? Let us see a curious situation in the film, the Choice of Sofia (1982) of Alan Pakula (This film demands greater attention to understand it), where one of the more difficult ethical choices in terms is portraied human beings. Certain moment of the plot, Sofia, (Maryl Streep) is with two children in a line of the nazista concentration camp. The preference to be set free of that hell, is for who is not Jewish. Sofia is Polish. A nazista soldier passes for it and he finds it pretty and he makes erticos compliments the young poor person, it retruca, saying to be does not mistreat, but yes, Pole. The soldier is furious and says that for it to be really a Pole he will have the power of ‘ escolha’: ‘ ‘ very, since you are Polish, it sees well that the train is arriving, makes its choice, will go only two people, therefore, choice which son will go for the gas chamber, will choose soon!

Rio Society

November 17, 2015

Expressions as ' ' conflict urbano' ' they show that, for the society Brazilian, the conflict badly is seen, and the society again waits the return of the interrupted order, following our holista and hierarchic tradition. Gomes considers novels as an instrument of social navigation. Its vision on the consecration of this narrative sort in the Brazilian society can below be summarized by the paragraph: ' ' Such consecration means to say that in these three decades ' ' to attend novelas' ' , in the different schedules where they are presented daily, one became, between us, more than what a habit. It is as a daily ritual, not limited only to a group, classroom or social class of the Brazilian society. Spread out between all the social segments, the soap operas had become in elapsing of these years privileged subjects conversational, obligator subject, exactly that it was for some to disagree with its implications politics, ideological and cultural, therefore one ' ' problematic obrigatria' ' (GOMES, 1998, P. 12).

' ' Thus, he is not surprise to perceive that the soap operas influence fashions and customs in the Brazilian society, spreading out symbols and signals of modernity. Still in the decade of 1970, at the time of the novel dancin Days, as in the Hamburger sample, to use the striped stockings of the main personages meant ' ' to be on the inside ' ' , it expressed the desire to participate of ' ' Brazil of futuro' ' that, at that time, he was seen as the final destination of ' ' miracle brasileiro' '. Clone, in 2002, placed in fashion typical clothes of the Arab peoples, as well as the constant images of Rio De Janeiro and of Morocco, that if alternated in the screen, I appeal they strengthen it increasing that the industry of the tourism exerts.