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Patrick Suskind

September 29, 2016

Cadiz, analysed four libraries (one University, a public State and municipal dos). CONSUMER EROSKI technicians visited their facility in mid-December to assess the general State of each of these paragraphs of information, services, accessibility, security and cleaning. In addition, they asked through the steps to process the meat in order to know the functioning of the system of loan and consultation. The final evaluation of the service offered by the libraries visited in the Andalusian City does not exceed the acceptable mediocre, which is situated in the overall average of the report. Thus, Cadiz shares note with the centers studied in Valladolid, Malaga, Oviedo, Seville and Valencia.

Deficiencies were found in the field of security and in the supply of services (both sections deserved an acceptable) but, especially, in the serious shortcomings observed in the information and attention to users (suspended with a regular). However, these four libraries only approve with comfort cleaning and maintenance of facilities and funds of the centres, as well as measures of accessibility (get a good in both subjects). CONSUMER EROSKI technicians conducted a test in information, practical search for a book in the ordenadores-catalogo of libraries (the origin of species, Charles Darwin, for the University libraries and the Perfume, Patrick Suskind, for the rest is chosen). Found the simplicity of the management system implemented in all cases analysed in Cadiz, except in a library where there was only an ordenador-catalogo and was damaged. When it comes to consult how to do the meat of the library, the treatment given by workers at half of the centres visited was regular or very bad.

In addition, missing more signs or posters written in another language is not Spanish. Deficiencies that were repeated, although to a lesser extent, in assessing safety of these four libraries (in a Center do not appear marked emergency exits, missing fire extinguishers in the half of the visited areas and in the same proportion were not detectors of smoke or fire in the premises). And the same, in terms of the services offered (the positions it to consult Internet should be better distributed by the entire library) a study or reading point can be booked in any of the four centers and in half of those selected there is a wifi zone). But not everything is negative in these four libraries of Cadiz, since customer service hours are very broad: all selected public schools open their doors from Monday to Friday from 9 to 21 hours uninterruptedly (two of them also are operational on Saturday morning). Lastly, paragraphs dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of facilities and funds, as well as measures to ensure the accessibility of the building exceeded effortlessly consideration of CONSUMER EROSKI: no trace of dirt and disorder, and most of libraries had spacious rooms to allow users to pass on wheelchair and adapted toilets. The best and worst of libraries in best Lo Cadiz: nor traces of dirt or disorder; spacious rooms to allow users to pass on wheelchair, adapted toilets and spacious opening hours to the public. The worst: the treatment given by workers at half of the centres visited was regular or very bad, several terminals check the catalogue were damaged, missing computer jobs to make queries on the Internet by the entire library and there are shortcomings in the emergency exits.

Saver: Three Years, Three Percent Interest

September 12, 2016

Investments in the financial test are careful savers. High interest rates and anytime access to your savings: this combination has become rare in recent years and should let the alarm bells ringing. The financial portal gives recommendations for flexible and at the same time secure investments. Much more than 3 percent interest rates are currently not realistic for safe assets. The Stiftung Warentest in a recent study of 86 banks comes to this conclusion. Just the readily available money of the day, customers need to make cuts. Many banks require a minimum investment amount for the maximum rate.

Whoever puts less on the account, must settle for a lower interest rate. Test winner of the day money is the Bank of Scotland. Regardless of the sum of the invested money, customers receive 2.3 percent interest per year. Federal Treasury bonds, where the interest is growing year are another option. So, this form of investment can be cancelled at any time.

However, investors in such a case must count with tees. The NF Bank there after three years for example, 2.27 percent, after five years of 2.72. Who already wants to put his money over a long period, should think about one time systems without premature availability. The fixed interest rate offer of Santander consumer bank named financial test in the most attractive savings model. 3.5 percent interest rates currently represented the peak under the safe money investments. On maturities, covering more than three years, customers should not engage in principle. In the current financial situation are to assess such assets as risky. More information about investments: finance contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

The Night

September 11, 2016

Personally I’ve always enjoyed the suffering of humans. He has fun I play with them through the ages. I’m the Vampire, the Lord of the night, she is my ally. I eat with the blood of various species on this planet, clear that neither has the delicious taste of the human. Throughout its history them I have killed, tortured and mutilated for my amusement. I have fed with its blood. I considered his main enemy in multiple occasions. But they soon forgot me to attack it again.

I always enjoyed with their pain, but never understood that they phase it between them, to their peers, I always thought it was sickly. That is an attitude more characteristic of wild beasts that a rational and intelligent species. They invented money. In principle a way of improvement of barter. At the dawn of its history exchanged things, what was left to them by others who needed. With the money that would be easier by setting a price for your buying and selling things.

A good invention in theory, an invention to improve their quality of life. But not. Immediately the money sparked ambition and greed of human beings. For him they have stolen, they have fought, killed. Great wars between countries over the centuries by wealth. But on a more personal level also friendships, have been lost shattered families, all for vile money. The in principle currency became one target of human selfishness and ambition. Large amounts of dust and smoke covered the planet occulting the Sun and plunging to the ground in a continuous night. Sunlight is not a problem for me in these conditions. The survivors that I find to my step laying on me and I fear. They don’t know that I’m the Vampire, my outward appearance is that of an ordinary human being. But clear, they no longer seem human beings, their flesh may senior engineer of mines, energy and fuels.