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November 30, 2013

In today’s world you can find a large number of decorative elements that comes from nature, causing with its beautiful aspects immediately in people various sensations of pleasure, because the colors, textures and shapes nature gives man, without any doubt are the elements most beautiful that you can find in the world in ornaments. However, among the materials that nature to facilitated the man so he can enjoy his immense beauty, there are some that stand out, either by its greatest beauty or that are more enjoyable for people and one of those materials which are all characteristics that make it highlight among others, la plata is located, thanks to its attractive color and the great ease of obtaining it, has become one of the materials most welcome and used by all people in the world currently, silver is one of the major elements that is used when using different kinds of embellishments like jewels for the body, since they can find with great ease and in any different place jewellery such as rings, chains, earrings, pendants and another great number of different decorations that can be made with silver, all thanks to that silver by its pleasant aspect to livestock a place of great importance in the appearance looking to show off a great number of people, well who don’t see in silver a beautiful element, than with its beautiful color bright white and its greatthey immediately result from great pleasure to the eye of the people and therefore searched for silver and the different decorative elements that can be made with this material a means to look best. It is very true that silver has a great use to use it as an ornament for the image of people, so much so that whole world silver production, 70% is allocated money, largely for the production of goldwork purposes, but also have other uses for this material, such as: Photography: Silver has been used for the realisation of photos, thanks to its great sensitivity to light. Medicine: Silver has been constantly used medicinal with regard to the Elimination of warts, using silver as silver nitrate. It is worth the penalty to highlight that you due to the high level of toxicity that is located in the silver, this can only be used for medicinal purposes by external resources. Veterinary Medicine: Silver has been used as silver nitrate for the application as curator of the wounds of farm animals such as cows and horses. Electronics: thanks to the great level of conductivity that owns the silver, now has taken great strength in what refers to the realization of contacts of integrated circuits and the computers keyboard. To make mirrors that are much more reflective silver use, is made by replacing the aluminum which is the material that normally used..