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Profitable Business

March 28, 2014

Nails 4 Us, only large international chain specializing in permanent manicure, lets start a profitable franchise with only 20,000 euros of own resources, funding the rest. This brand wants to thus favouring entrepreneurs that want to develop a career within the aesthetics with a reduced investment, a concept for consolidated self-employment and a career as a network with more than 60 centres in Spain and Portugal. We believe that there is a growing market niche. The hands are called to be protagonists in any circumstance of life, whether for professional or personal reasons. They are a cover letter about the importance that we give to our appearance and grooming. Likewise, they are a privileged means of communication and expression and, most importantly, help to improve our self-esteem and well-being, explains Juan Jose Munoz, director general of Nails 4 Us.

The beauty sector, in general, is advancing very quickly and there is a clear upward trend in the consumption of this type of services and products that shows that interest in taking care of the aspect is being introduced, each time with more force in our society. And it is that, without counting the food, hospitality and fashion, aesthetic sector is one that most Bill, more than EUR 200 million, with an investment of about 80 million. The increase of the offer and the number of establishments in this sector has led to their evolution new paths: many chains have opted to specialize in specific and innovative concepts to highlight as well the difference with others. Sculptured nails, localized anti-cellulite treatments, waxing areas hitherto unusual, care of the feet, hands, skin the company entrepreneurs seeking the aesthetics of nails like that and who are willing to devote himself completely to his business with enthusiasm and perseverance. For Nails 4 Us franchisee has a very important and crucial, role since it is the structure of the business. The activity consists in offering a service with a first quality product. Due to this nature of business understood as a service, the importance of the fraquiciado is vital. Nails 4 Us franchisees provides necessary with continued support of the central training and product, but it is very important that the franchisee is involved in business to succeed. And it is that this brand is notable for being leader in the application of gel nails, as well as having multiple products aimed at treating nail and skin like Vitaplus line to moisturize dry cuticles; activators gloves, specially designed to activate treatment products; Corrector pens of enamel (Cuti Clean); nail polish remover without acetone, which does not damage the cuticles or nails; a glossy ultra Guard (Ultragloss), ideal to protect the brightness of the nail gel that protects the enamel against the darkening and scratches; and a guard against UV rays, that takes care of the nails that are becoming yellow, or by the Sun or because of tobacco Nails 4 Us is the first franchise chain specializing in permanent manicure with over 60 outlets in Spain and Portugal. Thanks to this unique and original product, with only go once every 3 or 4 weeks, guarantee you to improve your image getting your nails to look natural, perfect and lasting, with a comfort and extreme softness.

The Planet

March 16, 2014

Sensitization for the conscientious consumption Currently the advance route to a sustainable society is permeado of obstacles, in the measure where a restricted conscience in the society regarding the implications of the model of development in course exists. Important that he has mobilization for the conscientious consumption, therefore the not conscientious consumers represent an enormous threat for the world and the society? they provoke an impact as never before she happened. Data indicate that currently 20% are consumed more than what the capacity of renewal of the planet. If this situation will not be changed, scarcer the natural resources will be each time e, inside of some years, will not have sources of water nor of energy, pure air reserves or lands for agriculture, in enough amount for the maintenance of the life of all the inhabitants of the planet. This mainly implies in the necessity to stimulate a more active participation of the society in the debate of its destinations, as a form to establish a set socially identified of problems, objectives and solutions. Ecological support means to extend the capacity of the planet for the use of the potential found in diverse ecosystems, at the same time where it keeps its deterioration in minimum level, data the exaggerated consumerism of the current days are necessary to reflect on the consumption act. The education if presents as an efficient tool in the context of the ambient management, however she is necessary to go beyond, to sensetize to all of the urgency of changes simple acts in daily individual and the collective one. The conscientious consumer is that one that takes in consideration questions as the ambient impact caused by the production of that item and the commitment of that company with the support. When giving preference the products that are ecologically correct, the consumers stimulate the companies who if worry about the support, what force the adoption of this behavior for the too much companies.

Hotel Seville

March 14, 2014

A gem of a city that has everything to offer any kind of traveler is located in the heart of Andalusia. Cultural visits to examine a night in bars and clubs, the Moorish architecture of the Cathedral Giralda tower Seville you can provide everything you want in a city. In this magnificent place is sunny throughout the year. If you prefer to visit Sevilla to make heat during the summer. If you prefer to do a little more cold, but cool anyway, then it is better plan their trip for the autumn months. Find a Hotel in Seville is easy because the city also has a wide range of accommodation.

As for the food, you can eat like a King in the many bars and restaurants in the city. You can choose between traditional tapas of the highest quality in a local bar or the Haute cuisine in a restaurant. Seville is the perfect destination for a longer holiday because your stay can vary by visiting the beach that can be reached in just over one hour. Or if you simply need to escape from the stress of the work week is sufficiently close in House that is ideal for a weekend getaway.

Institute National Statistics

March 10, 2014

According to Amnesty International, the use of firearms to commit homicide and other violent crime remained widespread, even in prisons. Adds the indicated information source, which Venezuela tops the list of Latin American countries more violent with a rate of 48 killings per 100,000 inhabitants in 2010, according to the Minister of the Interior Tarek El Aissami expressed. Provided the figure the Minister in response to the data provided by the opposition and non-governmental organizations, which provide higher data. The rate is 48 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants and it is still a very high rate. That is the truth, admitted El Aissami, in response to questions from deputies in the Parliament.

The Minister did not give a national figure for homicides, but Venezuela has around 30 million people, according to the Institute National Statistics (INE), so the total number of murders in 2010 would exceed the 14,000. Although the Venezuelan Observatory of violence (OVV) coded in 17.600 killings throughout the country during 2010. This reality of insecurity becomes ever more dramatic, that one does not know to what can happen in your House, when they can be kidnapped, assaulted, even killed as it has happened, so far as commenting as it does that in Iraq, a country with a population close to the Venezuela, there were 4,644 civilian deaths by violence in 2009, according to the official count. In Venezuela, during that year, the number of murders rose over the 16,000. Even abhorrent war of drugs in Mexico has taken fewer lives.

Venezuelans have had such grim statistics for years. Those who have resources have hidden behind the walls of their houses and have hired foreign security experts to seek advice on when to avoid kidnappings and murders. Rich and poor alike have resigned themselves to living with a rate of murder which, according to the opposition, is not among the list of priorities of the Government.