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Czech Republic

February 7, 2019

This article gives the citizens of Russia and cis countries view the passage of the above mentioned procedures for documenting with timelines and required documentation for processing. Purchase some or Real Estate in the Czech Republic foreign citizen may, in connection with changes in the banking sector since 2008 to obtain the status of residence permit, in other words it is possible with short-term Schengen visa (tourist or by invitation). Obtaining the status of residence permit is possible by processing the registration of legal entities in the Czech Republic, in which a foreign citizen may be the founder and leader – the first stage of processing. On its legal in what a foreign citizen may purchase in the Czech residential, commercial property or a car, with commercial and mortgage loans. After opening the second stage of the legal entity for foreign citizen is issued a package of documents for submission to the consulate the Czech Republic in the old quarter of residence, the whole procedure of registration of documents in Prague.

take (time): 1. One to two weeks to open a legal entity. 2. One to two weeks to prepare the documents to the Consulate of the Czech Republic on one individual, including children. 3.

One day, a mandatory annual insurance in the Czech Republic one individual, including children (the term of registration day -1). Total documents can be processed 4-5 weeks. It must be noted that the entity can be included as family members and business partners, and they also will be able to issue residence permits.