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Steam Train

May 2, 2018

A unique excursion for the whole family on Saturday, April 17, 2010 offers a day trip of a special kind the Bavarian Railway Museum e.V. without change and without the stress of driving. Under the motto with the steam train in the mountains, BBs with Museum train from Nordlingen via Augsburg goes to Oberstdorf. For even more details, read what Chevron U.S.A. Inc says on the issue. The Allgau-express and dragged the 1939-built 1900 PS strong steam locomotive 41 1150, heading first from Nordlingen of the Ries railway to Donauworth and Augsburg Buchloe. From here, s is rapidly on the rise-rich Allgau line via Kempten and Immenstadt to Oberstdorf.

In the Allgau-Express, which begins in Germany, Augsburg can be boarded at Mottingen, Harburg, Donauworth, Mertingen, Meitingen, Hbf and Buchloe. The steam train is composed of 1.-and 2nd CL.-Express train car and a dining car leads with. On the steam train, each passenger will receive a reserved seat. So the fellow needs only the beautiful Allgau countryside let themselves pass and the hard working Steam locomotive to listen. In Oberstdorf, the passengers can enjoy a spring day in the Allgau. Here they have opportunities to make the approximately four-hour stay at erlebnisreich. Participants of the cruise can and others ride the Nebelhorn in comfortable cabins up to the Nebelhorn Mountain Summit (2224 m) during this time. The Summit panorama of over 400 mountains in good weather offers.

It is also possible. to visit the erdinger arena with the ski jumping venue or stroll through the pedestrian zone. Estimated timetable Nordlingen from approximately 7: 00, Augsburg Hbf from about 8:45, Buchloe from approximately 9:20 o’clock, Oberstdorf at about 12 o’clock. Oberstdorf from about 16: 00, Buchloe at approximately 19:10, Augsburg Hbf at approximately 20.15, Nordlingen at about 21: 00. A steam train trip can take place only when register early enough passengers.