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Madrid Bank

January 6, 2013

Their total turnover decreased nearly 80%, and because the construction industry is in the country one of the key, comprising 16% of gross domestic product and 12% of all jobs, this has led to an increase in unemployment from 8.3% at the end of 2007 to 12.8% in the third quarter of 2008. Trade unions, sitting on a favorite hobby, blackmailing and scaring the townsfolk government predicting a further increase in unemployment, which they predicted could reach 15% in 2009. Against this background, could not resist and prices for real estate. The fact that a long time denied the realtors, who are already accustomed to the constant growth of the market, has been confirmed in the report of the Bank of Spain, confirmed the fall in prices during the first three quarters of 2008 to 4.27% taking into account inflationary changes. Thus, the average price per square meter in Madrid, according to the Bank of Spain, was 2895. But even these figures were immediately refuted by the Minister of Housing Ms Beatriz Corredor. It said in an interview with Spanish television, that the data available at its disposal for a period of 12-14 months past the actual incidence reached 15%, what can make anyone who wants to buy some real estate. As said Beatrice, it was a reality that can no longer be denied. Forgive, but Do not Go Away If we consider the price of real estate as just one of a number of other economic indicators, the rest of anxiety, for the most part, does not matter.