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Aconcagua Park

December 29, 2016

Cerro Aconcagua, owner of the Andean landscape, does not need any presentation. Impossible holidays in Mendoza without surrender to enjoy its incredible and stunning beauty. And although there are several summits in this region of the Central Andes that exceed the 5000 meters. height, the North Summit of Aconcagua stands by its own right, with her 6962 meters., as the dream of every Mountaineer self-respecting. The natural framework that surrounds this authentic wonder deserves a separate chapter. So much so that the area became Park provincial Aconcagua.

And since the year of its creation, 1983, dazzles its visitors by the diversity and natural wealth of its 71000 hectares. A real strong point of tourism in Mendoza, lovers of the ecology will be rampant in this zone where the wonder of water manifests itself in all its splendor, dotting the landscape of glaciers and crystal-clear basins. Torrential arroyitos foam white and reddish mountain rivers punctuate the landscape, furrowing of long and deep valleys, and they feed unexpected patches of Emerald green grass, las vegas famous. The climate is rigorous, but vegetation adapted to the harsh conditions of the area surprised by its beauty and variety. Plants here are low-rise to withstand high winds, and its flowering, due to low temperatures, is short.

But in the summer, however, they give unexpected postcards of intense and lively colorful, in which predominates the yellow in all its shades. Native fauna has also developed a series of strategies for shelter from the weather. Guanacos, foxes and flames wear thick coats to greet visitors, and migrate to the lower areas of the mountain, where the climate is milder, the time of heavy snowfall. Also abound the reptiles, capable of winter during the coldest months: lizards, lizards and the typical Andean Toad. Special mention deserve the birds of the region, headed by the symbolic Andean condor. Alongside water courses abound the aquatic birds and hawks, and the tiny Hummingbird of the Andes brings its touch of color. It is not necessary to be a climber to surrender to the charm of the Aconcagua Park during a vacation in Mendoza. You only lack sensitivity to that unique beauty that only nature can give us.

Support Monitoring

December 11, 2016

The tool is designed to disperse and set video output as EVGA, and other vendors. Supported by GeForce 6/7/8/9 series based on the chip nVIDIA. Program features are similar to most similar utilities, it is true to some extent limited. Fully supported by all operating systems family of Windows XP / Vista x86 and x64. The program is based on the components of the RivTuner Alexei Nikolaychuk. In the directory with the installed program files are located RTUI.dll, RTCore.dll, RTCore64.sys, RTCore.cfg and RTCore32.sys, which provide interaction with components of the video card driver. In addition, monitoring frequency, temperature, and the screen display is implemented with RivTunerStatisticsServer. Key features are as follows as follows: * Management of the memory and core frequencies, including shader (both separately and simultaneously) * Manual or automatic speed control fan speed * on-screen display in real time for games (Frame rate, temperature, monitoring frequency) * Support for LCD-displays, keyboards, production Logitech * display information about device drivers, BIOS, and SLI * mode to use different user Interface In this version, made many improvements: * changed the color display in the system tray * improved synchronization protocols for better interaction with third utilities * Removed information about the version of the main window * added profile settings for frequency and fan speed video-driven global hotkeys * Added option to disable tooltips * added the ability to interface adjusting the color scheme for monitoring * Optimized user interface * Now the program remembers the last position on the screen * added new user interface * hide scanner is optimized for PCI bus Developer: EVGA Category: System, subcategory Configuring OC: Windows Type: Freeware Key features are as follows: control memory and core frequencies, including shader (both separately and simultaneously) or manual automatic speed control fan speed on-screen display in real time to play (frame rate, temperature, monitoring frequency) support for LCD-displays keyboard manufacture Logitech mapping information device drivers, BIOS, and the SLI mode to use different user interface in this release adds temperature display card in the system tray, improved cooperation with third monitoring utility, made internal changes to work with the frequency generator, updated installer, and upgraded the system using interchangeable skins User Interface (more).