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November 16, 2016

Still thus the periphery meets on to the center and needs nets binding them. This distance and the lack of public transport makes with that 47% of the interviewed ones consider this a disadvantage of if living there. FINAL CONSIDERAES the space produced for the man have appeared in way to a diversity of necessities and individual and/or collective lacks in one given society. Thus, the man in search of its satisfactions, tames, creates, mobilizes itself, transforms, structure, organizes the space where he lives and he acts. The gotten information, as well as the visits carried through in the quarter give general vises of the current situation faced by the inhabitants of the Amrico Walnut. The majority of them with few years of study and inferior income to a minimum wage. The quarter is called by many of the city as ‘ ‘ between ricos’ ‘ , this for it is situated between the quarters Morumbi and Recanto of the Hill, quarters of the supplied classroom more of the city.

This configuration if inserts in a contrast each more frequent time in the Brazilian peripheral areas that now pass to be disputed by different social classrooms. The industrial development that the city of Itapetinga has past, certainly influences in the life of the inhabitants of the quarter through the job generation. But valley to detach those it influences where it if gave in the form of expectation in being used. These studies had shown that the attentions of the public power must be also directed for those areas where new occupations appear at every moment, many times in inadequate areas and without conditions of housing. When these problems are faced by the government and the search for the improvement happens, these areas can be gotten rid of the destination of if becoming slum quarters and offering a worthier life to its inhabitants.

It is observed, therefore, that the current economic order and mainly to the organizations social politics and have not looked for to reduce or to brighten up the existing disparidades in the world. Although the extraordinary scientific and technological advance, the modern civilization does not surpass the conditions of life of the majority of the population of the underdeveloped countries that live in conditions you lament and in that almost uninhabitable places.


November 3, 2016

I am the Lady of the pen I am the Lady, who picks up the pen and write what happens in your body, already not young and as such that nobody cares to keep, that nobody wants to see already more. Everyone wants to move it and, why?, if she is not more than the Lady of the pen that he has aged by writing the names of those men who laughed their feelings they have turned it: the Lady of the pen. To write my writers write even if you not ganeis a dime, or a weight, nor a euro. Write even this someday, wood to make fire although it’s chapter of a story. Ours.

Or a passenger in the subway, not we’ll see more. Write because it’s free and is a time of life in which happiness touches us, is for moments, the only thing that we really have. More important than the work, more important than the money. Write and give thanks to the Internet for giving us the opportunity to do so, although we do not pay, even though you do not like our images.Write and not you want to be the first because the first will be the last and the last write because it can be improved with time and practice and do not we look over his shoulder, that envy do not cloud the happiness we feel by writing. Write and bubbies because now that we’re together, knowing our names, giving us tips, it is unique and unrepeatable and you can die very soon, and are not good bad memories or remorse. And less when there is love, by medium. Summer, fields, Diego, Cordoba, Albacete, serene, everyone, was a great pleasure meeting you and keep writing because bliss has no price and be happy also is this, that we are free. The writer is not so good because the Lady does not leave him, is pulling his talent and is not displayed at 100%.The Lady is selfish, wants everything for himself, since in it there is no talent, you win only live as in she no sorrows that make you write does not consent to the writer, doesn’t want you to see suffering, and you are pulling the PAque no longer exists, most not to live, because he is in his body and must not die.With her you will enjoy the illusion that there is in today’s society.