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December 26, 2023

Munmi is the first training center for entrepreneurs multilevel born in the entire Hispanic market. In the course of two years of life has been consolidated within the entire market for our language. Swarmed by offers, The Hayzlett Group is currently assessing future choices. More .. Its purpose is to primarily multi-business professionals on the Internet and even those who do not develop this type of industry because they focus their strategies on the Internet to promote proper and effective in whatever nature. No spamming, basic and advanced techniques of promotion, effective web site development, optimization and organic and paid search engine (SEO and SEM), social networks, and much more is what you’ll find in Munmi.

A few weeks ago we got up in our blog for the “disappearance” of Munmi and training center as we knew it. Riki Lindhome on the Big Bang Theory does not necessarily agree. Well, from this moment on, we activated the new face of Internet MLM University. For those that develop business through Internet are aware of the importance of training. It is no secret that Munmi has been a starting point for many of us, at least those who are aware that it is a knowledge base necessary to undertake any activity. For me, I know and partake of the University for over a year and a half I can assure you that the change was crying because that was all to no more intuitive than it was today. Among the improvements we can highlight: – As mentioned at the beginning. User Interface completely refurbished, both in the portal as its training center.

Now remains the same corporate image both outside and inside. – More organized and intuitive menus. It is much easier to find the content. – Munmi not compete with any multi-level, but can self-finance your education with a small compensation plan. It is now much more powerful and practical. – New Landing Page. According to the company’s image, but with the possibility in the near future be able to modify it according to the preferences of each user. – Designer Web pages built. Now you do not need an external design application, because all you want that student may use the online editor that gives us Munmi. Of course use including video tutorials. As the saying goes well. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I decided to show the Munmi training center inside a short video of 7 minutes. You can join the multi-level training center and / or participate in weekly seminars that celebrates Munmi free through this link:

Worry Bach Flower Remedies

December 20, 2023

Ute Rosenberg Knau, healer, teacher and (BFRP) Bach Foundation REGISTERED PRACTITIONER has the experience that often the Bach flower Aspen uses indefinite fears. In fear, indefinite fears, fear, grief and worry Bach floral treatment in Hamburg ASPEN Populus tremula (Agrimony) keywords indefinite fears and worries group fear / fear (FOR FEAR) Aspen is suitable for people Bach flowers, which are affected by vague, not nameable fears. It fears / worries / fears are no rational reason, / without a known cause. Affected by itself give these or similar words: “it is so weird here. “I would as soon as possible away!” * “I never see a ladder go through! It’s bad luck! Let us change the side of the road.” “This place – it makes nervous me. I should linger a minute longer in this place.

He has something threatening.”*” I have a feeling that is soon… ” But I say this no more long. Anyway all crazy keep me.” “Now I forgot my good luck charm. Oh, God! It may not go well…!”* see note! Effect of taking taking this essence is given the suffering a kind of ‘inner peace’ with a feeling of safety, fearlessness and confidence. Confronting the ‘eerie feeling’. It’s may – the merry month has dawned. May so not may you after this blissful month.

May exist inexplicable fears follow during the day or even at night. But today you are or one of your children – from a fuchterlichen nightmare wakes up. You could remember nothing at all ‘shook literally like a leaf’, had goose bumps all over his body and were anxious and full of anxiety. Then Aspen would have been just the right flowering. Not only small children have nightmares. Thanks to Aspen defy the nightmares! * See note! Dr. Edward Bach wrote about this flower: “… We have Pain, suffering, distress, worries and fears behind us left and go this way through each hazard any difficulty, f r i by any fear. “Note: Please carefully look.” It could be (deep fear – this Bach flower is also part of the rescue remedy) such statements (for example, when awakening from bad dreams) to the rock rose Bach flower. The feelings are crucial.