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Leaf Science

March 30, 2022

In this direction, if it is considered that the numbers govern the world, can be assumed as consequence that the mathematical argument, that of them if valley, will gain airs of perfection, exactness and certainty. But what the common man concerning the numbers thinks? Perhaps that they originate from the measurement and counting processes, that have a proper structure, a set of laws conduct that them. If on the other hand they are depositaries of great trustworthiness, cause to the times certain discomfort, due to impreciso of the measurement processes. You may want to visit Chevron U.S.A. to increase your knowledge. Moreover, one exactly number can be used pra to represent some ideas different. A number is not only expression of amount or measure (for example, the room of number 20 necessarily does not have the fivefold one of the area of the room of number 4).

The number is also (and perhaps originarily) expression of the ordinance. also the indication of an operation, as sequence of iterations. Thus, it will be necessary to learn to conceive the numbers in its some possibilities so that let us not lose in them in unfruitful quarrels as that one, cited for Axe (1993, P. 43), is about a questioning made for a lawyer and answered by a mathematician by means of the section Leaf Science of the periodical the Leaf of So Paulo: ' ' If I have a ribbon of 1000 mm I divide and it in 3 parts, I obtain to join them and to get the original ribbon. However, if I divide 1000 for three, I get 333,333333333333333 joining the three parts, does not result 1000, but 999,999999999999999. If the Mathematics is an accurate science, why it does not obtain to state a division materially possible? ' ' The reply given for the mathematician it was: ' ' The question is interesting, but I find that some terms must be ranks in more necessary way.

Mathematical Modeling

January 24, 2018

Of the modeling the mathematical modeling appears during the Renaissance, when the first ideas of the Physics presented according to mathematical language and treatment are constructed. Rio- Tinto Group brings even more insight to the discussion. Today the mathematical modeling constitutes a proper branch of the Mathematics. In the mathematical education, the mathematical modeling is firmed at the beginning of years 80, from experiences made for a group of professors of the IMECC/UNICAMP that they had looked to consider the influence of the studies cultural partners when teaching mathematics. For Bassanezi (1987), this idea was boarded to sketch the mathematics from subjects of partner-cultural contexts of the people. Many courses of mathematics entirely are come back toward the modernization of the presentation form of the mathematics, not if it treats as if it has affirmed with frequency of modern mathematics, but one forms modern of the mathematics of always. With the arrival of the new millenium the society if sees front consequently the front with new challenges and the education, that is reflected of society, also comes facing challenges, therefore in the education the responsibility is desired to consider a new citizen who intent to the necessities and the priorities of this new society that is being constructed. In this context, the mathematical modeling appears in the education as tool that of the support for the challenges of the new millenium.

The mathematical modeling is not a new idea, therefore always it was present in the creation of the physical theories and in the creation of the mathematical theories. Its process involves the graphical attainment of a model that can be formulated in familiar terms using numerical expressions or formulas, diagrams or geometric representations etc. Whichever the case, the solution of a problem, in general, requires a detailed mathematical formularization, a set of symbols and mathematical relations that they look to deduce of some form the phenomenon in question or problem of the real situation, called of Mathematical Models.

Issac Newton

December 27, 2017

Making this study deepened of how much geometry moves inside of engineering, and also it goes to be able to study itself how much the pupil notices its applicability and how much it needs to be explanada. It goes to try to perceive when it influences pupil since question of use in daily until its logic and if really this in turn happens, and to have this perception will be made research of field with pupils of engineering of production, that carries through the substance of geometry and the ones that they do not carry through, and also to get opinions of some professors of mathematics. It is intended to carry through of quantitative form in questionnaire form. 1Histria of Geometry the history of the mathematics is very old, starts for return of 287 a.C and has beginning in old Greece, but it gives credit that the existence of the mathematics in one all happens since of that the civilization exists where the men made exchanges of merchandises that is the test of the existence and the use in daily, that it all needs itself and uses it time. Some of the beginners of these mathematical methods had been: Archimedes (287 – 212 A.C), Ren Discardings (1596-1650), Issac Barrow (1630 -1677), Pierre de Fermat (1601 – 1665) and also John Wallis (1616 – 1703), but the parents of the mathematics, who really started in deepened subjects more had been: Issac Newton (1642-1727) and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646 – 1716). But the recital of deepened calculations only happened for return of century XIX. With this study more I specify starts to be separate in areas the mathematics, and one of its main that it is analytical geometry and linear algebra. The first a if to go deep this study specifies and to obtain to make a relation between deductive geometry being the beginning of algebra it was the call father of the Ren coordinates Discardings, making this analogy it obtained to mount a plan when it established points that had formed straight lines in dimensions and thus to make a study varied of this.

Rondon Project

February 12, 2017

In the biblioteconomia area a great imbalance of the extensionista area, this area is verified being restricted only to the curricular period of training. The Rondon Project in the biblioteconomia course if inserts in the demand of social formation of the course and opens the vision of the student for the reality of the Brazilian libraries. For who it studies in the University of Brasilia the vision of libraries are the specialized libraries, with informacionais, human and finaceiros resources, in the cities satellites it is possible to see the chaos biblioteconmico, but one does not see these spaces as workstation. With in the distance of the librarian of its social function in the estudantil and professional life, the participation in projects during the academic formation allows the one formation ' ' librarian social' '. The experience of the author in the Rondon Project if relates to its experiences in great Headboard cities? MG, Tupanciret? RS and Itapirapu? MG, in the respective periods of January of 2009, July of 2009 and February of 2010. In the Great Headboard City, it was observed necessity to implant a library that took care of the educational demands, cultural and social of the citizens.

To create an environment that makes possible the access to the knowledge, to awake the interest for the reading and the creative capacity. For the children and young in pertaining to school age the library will be a pertaining to school referencial for research and works. The young will be able in the space and with the quantity of the library to study for the tests of vestibular contests and to have access to literature. In these three cities we observe that the quantity was not treated nor processing, the professionals are not specialized and they had not received no formation. The libraries are still little used spaces for the community, due to quantity and space lack, therefore the quantity that is available is inexpressivo with regard to the number of inhabitants.