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South Africa

August 29, 2018

No ten World Cup title could have more recognition and respect. 2010 played England against Germany. It was a game of football, and the 40th minute in the second round at the World Cup in South Africa. There he was goalkeeper of the German national team on the referee and the captain rolled the ball over the goal-line. Thoughtful, and talked with the team-mates. They had just made a circle: closely entwined they put their heads together and discussed a few seconds: it was the unique goal of the English which did not notice the referee team was the only one in the stadium -. That fit together with the sporting spirit of the German players and with their perception of fairness. They all agreed: we want to have to do it with its own power and do not constitute our success with the failure of the arbiter.

For them, this was actually a matter of course, because they had none of this undoubted wrong decision “referee decisions are Fact decisions drivel”. In television, billions of people experienced with the goal of the English and were amazed by the reaction of the German team. Now, Germany was an example and synonym for fairness and honesty. No ten World Cup title could have more recognition and respect. It was a jerk about the world: self-interest, selfishness, and elbows were out. The next financial Summit of the g-20 meetings in all respects, in order to make our world more human. The self-interest of individual States were in the background.

It went to the total well-being of all earthlings. Effective measures against poverty and hunger, against the dangers of a negative climate change and the destabilization of the global economy were through-out significant band financial speculation. Always and everywhere you could feel it – in society, down the pub, in the economy, in politics, in sports and in the Internet: the species of the slit ears were on their way to the Museum. Robert Lackner – a plea for the right level: ethics, morality and quality in the economy, politics and society.

Harvard University

August 28, 2018

We will have serious problems if many people of color begins to reside here. Are you going to charge us with the problems that bring?, Wiston Churchill said in February, 1954 during a stormy meeting of his Cabinet. The Prime Minister was convinced that the immigrants had no other intention that take advantage of the British system of social security and step increase crime rates. Fifty years later, the thesis of Churchill have become political dogma. The arguments have sophisticated, but the spirit remains the same. Migration policies take precedence the obsessive control of borders, with a cost that only five industrialized more protected round the 12,000 million euros annually. In the case of Spain, expenses have increased to an extent that rubs the obscenity. Zeal when it comes to restricting the entry of persons only is comparable with the determination that circulate all else.

There is no public declaration of the EU that is complete without a plea to favour of the liberalization of goods, services and capital, which imposes unceremoniously in the new global economy. Unfortunately, the faith in the free market adapts to the circumstances: EU aid to agriculture triple each year the GDP of all West Africa, but ruined by the European unfair competition Senegalese farmers should stay home. This double standard has implications that go far beyond an ethical dilemma: while European leaders walk through summits like the Lisbon discussing objectives of development, the way their Governments hamper and affect the international movement of people implies a drag on global prosperity. If we want to contribute to the development of poor countries, a fair and intelligent immigration policy is one of the most effective ways of doing so. The World Bank and Harvard University studies allow establishing the importance of this issue: an increase in the flow of emigrants equivalent only to 3% of the labour force in developed countries would generate benefits that they multiply by ten poor countries could expect an agreement in the round of the development of the world’s Trade Organization.

Roman Empire

August 22, 2018

When it did not have possibility of one enlace marriage adequate to the interests feudal Mr., its children were sent to the monasteries. The men so that they could fortify the family through the ingression in the high clergy, the women to prevent that the patrimony was embezzled. The peasants (p 111-112) Even so the peasants were the majority of the society of the time, were in its almost totality, illiterates, therefore, everything what its respect exists was for the writing for the nobility. Still thus, its is known that work and the taxes that they collected had supported the economy of the feudal society. Rare of them they were proprietors of the lands that cultivated.

They worked in property lands feudal Mr. and they would have to give services and to deliver part of the production. To the women the daily tasks of the house fit, as bread production and beer for daily use milks, it of the cattle, confection of clothes etc. To the men fit, basically in service farming, sowing, harvest etc. and villainous (p 112) They were the two categories of peasants, the servants and the villains.

Servants, in its majority, descended of that migraram for the field, for occasion of the fall of the Roman Empire and had started to live as leaseholders of the great proprietors, who gave to protection and sustenance to them, others were descending of slaves. The servants worked together in hard regimen with its familiar ones. The villains were free peasants, small proprietors whom they had preferred to deliver its land to one feudal gentleman, in exchange for protection, to continue working in them as leaseholder. Abusive taxes (p 112) in service as In such a way villainous possuam its obligations stop with its gentlemen: the corveia, obligation to work some days of the week, gratuitously, in exclusive lands Mr.; the triviality that was taxes charged for the use of the installations feudal Mr., as mills, ovens etc.

Achieving Results

August 22, 2018

This process is lifelong. But some changes you can accomplish in a short time, and these changes may bring you good fortune, not to mention other vital benefits. In the Internet business for a lot of people think that personal development, acquired in the process many times outweigh any monetary gain. Books and magazines in Combined with your own overactive – the best way to achieve quick results. Take responsibility for their future and develop their leadership qualities. And it means – look at yourself objectively and decide to change for the better. Understand that only from you and from anyone else depend on your successes and defeats. Your results are what they are, not because – because of your leadership (as many think) and not from – for your .

On the contrary, I suggest you take responsibility for your organization itself (within reason, and here we must learn to keep balance). Be tireless in building its character and become a leader! Do it. Always take the initiative. If your company or managers can not create the conditions necessary to achieve your most important task, then create them yourself. Do not be afraid to ask for help, but if you do not got it, find a way, and all – again, make our plans. Of course, one of the best ways to learn something – or – is to teach others.

Use your favorite books and records for training, chapter by chapter, page after page if necessary. The same applies to the records, which can become an indispensable source for the development of your organization. Many discoveries await you outside your comfort zone. Try to take a step and talk about a product to people in line at the bank or supermarket. Or try to start a conversation about the product at a party. If you can not do it right, limit at least part of the presentation. In other words, go forward as do all afraid of public speaking – just not for some time overcome sebya.Eti efforts will be an additional contribution to a growing bank account of your personal growth. But above all, make the prospect of personal development to your conscious decision. Take this intangible and indescribable thing as needed. Universal law reads as follows: before entering the world leaders who make themselves worthy of it.


August 21, 2018

Joo or simply J, tired of the trip and with much hunger, saw a small farm repleto with many fruitful plants and without giving heard to the conscience and dominated by the pain of the starvation. He decided to adentrar to that property for spoon some fruits to cure worse of pains the human beings. When adentrar he found a hose loaded and he thought ' ' he is same here that I go to fortify a little, takes that the owner or responsible therefore tuo does not arrive agora' '. Rio Tinto Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. started to devorar a sleeve that was fallen on the foliage, but aperreado with fear that somebody arrived it photographed and it stealing. But the same the instant thought ' ' it will be that somebody is same robbery that is moorrendo of hunger to catch a sleeve to alliviate a little? ' ' continued. When suddenly somebody cried out: ' ' Disembarassed thief! Of this time catch I you! ' ' Aperreado with chegarda unexpected and sudden of the old one, Joo went off to run, in the career it heard a strong racket very and it very felt a thing hot to move in its coasts that suddenly it was weakening little of the forces that still they remained and meters ahead were to the adobe gasping. J. Darius Bikoff is the source for more interesting facts.

Plastic Pallets

August 20, 2018

Plastic pallets are an alternative that is increasingly used in worldwide production centres. They are usually manufactured in recycled materials, being the production of pellets one of the destinations most commonly used for all kinds of plastics recycling. Mainly used in meat, pharmaceutical industries, food in general, and for export, although increasingly extend to other sectors. The reason for its slow implementation is the price, they cannot compete with the wood, although increasingly more, come to this is a much more efficient industry. The use of plastic pallets prevents cutting down thousands of trees every year, in addition to giving out thousands of tons of materials destined to be garbage. The use of plastic pallets is ideal for export applications, is not affected by plagues of bacteria than if affect the wood, which should in fact be fumigated to be able to be used in this type of applications. Plastic pallets are a green product, not they can only be fully recycled, but that in their process of manufacturing by injection material 100% recycled from pallets or other products manufactured from polymeric substances may be used. (Similarly see: The Hayzlett Group).

The poly olefins are more widely used by mankind polymer type, can be found in all kinds of products, such as packaging, bags, or components of automobiles, and are precisely the material that we use for the manufacture of plastic pallets advantages: ecological waterproof: Los Pallets plastics do not spoil with water, in fact can be cleaned with water without forming any type of mold. Dimensional stability: the productive system by pressure into a mold injection gives them totally repetitive dimensions, so the fit is much higher, saving transport costs. Rfid labeling: Labelling by rfid radio frequency system, opens a huge range of possibilities in the management of goods transported in these types of Plastic Pallets. Current technology injection with the IML system in mould labeling, allows the absolute integration of the label rfid in the plastic. Lightness: Plastic pallets are lighter than wood, and therefore produce fewer injuries during its handling. Ease of cleaning hygienic: plastic pallets are more resistant to the adhesion of different to the own plastic substances.

Stable mechanical properties in all situations, all units are exactly equally resistant. In addition these conditions are excellent, if we compare two pallets of equal weight, one plastic and one of wood, the latter is much weaker, tensile, compression, bending, etc higher life: Los Pallets plastics are much more long-lived, since they are resistant to external agents both physical and chemical. Safety at work: the pallets of wood produce wounds, mainly due to the chips and wood dust emitted by, something that does not happen with the plastic.

France Day

August 20, 2018

Usually, one of the arguments these people are the words that a woman should not be honored once a year, and the flowers can give and just as in any other day. Vietnam In this country, women accepted congratulations for two thousand years. Just before this Memorial Day holiday was called Trung sisters. It was a brave girl, who led the liberation war of the Vietnamese people against Chinese aggression. When their army was surrounded, the girls rushed into the river, so as not to to surrender. After the victory of socialism in Vietnam Trung sisters’ Memorial Day has passed smoothly to the 8th of March. France March 8 in France is not widely celebrated. It is not something Jeffrey Hayzlett would like to discuss.

Although it is mentioned in the media as International Women’s day. Celebrate this holiday only the Communists and other leftists. French women also celebrated in May, Mother’s Day. It is interesting that the young girls this holiday has nothing to do. Congratulate them on Valentine’s Day. Italy The Italians, perhaps, the few Europeans who were not included in the former Soviet bloc, but are on March 8, just like the Russians. True, the output of this day they do not. Since 1946, the symbol of Italian March 8 was the mimosa, which was proposed in the first post-war March 8 Board of Italian women, like a flower that characterizes women’s day.

And since then, on March 8 for the Italian women’s traditional gift is a bouquet of yellow and fluffy mimosa. It is also known that some women prefer to celebrate this holiday without my second half. They gather in a restaurant, osteria, or any other institution, and there, for food, drinks and gossip come up with further Entertainment for the evening. China is very quietly goes for the Chinese festival on March 8. Is that the old revolutionary receive official congratulations. In addition, there are not accepted to give someone else cut flowers, so buy bouquets on the eve of that day in Beijing are concerned only foreigners, mainly Russians. At this time, it is already possible to buy roses, daffodils and other flowers. Turkmenistan Turkmenistan is characterized by the dominance of family values, respectively, are traditionally high and esteemed role of women. March 8 celebrated in Turkmenistan, after a break. It was canceled the first President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov in 2001. Under his women’s day was celebrated in Novruz March 21-22 and was named the National holiday of spring and the women of Turkmenistan. However, in January 2008, the republic’s president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed a law making changes in the Labour Code and the International Women’s Day back on March 8. Bulgaria In Bulgaria, March 8 is still not a national one. This is a normal working day. So that men have reason to congratulate not only his wife but female colleagues at work. Usually at work, after dinner feasts are held, or co-workers sent the whole team to a restaurant or cafe. Recently, some women in relation to Bulgaria a few holiday grew cold, while others have begun to perceive it as an attribute sotsvremen. Often seen and the fact that women, unlike men enthusiastically congratulate each other on this day.