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May 10, 2016

Carlos Mora Vanegas faced with the reality of the energy crisis that is facing the world, the serious problems that have been derived from the energy, what this has impacted on the rising prices of oil at historical record and how it has affected the price, food consumption, causing a serious global crisis, which is reflected in many countrieswhere hunger manifests itself as a scourge destructive, generating chaos, loss of life, it is necessary that in South America, the Caribbean and Central America to seek the way of how to deal with such a situation, knowing the poverty that many countries of the Caribbean, Central American and Latin American maintain an Alliance, cohesion of countries that face such a situation forms. Such is the case of relevance, importance, positive impacts generated as part of PetroCaribe that was created on 29 June 2005 from the energy cooperation agreement signed by 14 countries at a meeting of Heads of State and of Government of the Caribbean, which was held in the City of Puerto La Cruz (Venezuela). This Alliance favors without any doubt to many countries of Central America, from the Caribbean, especially because they are unfortunately the oil-dependent countries and that it must acquire in order to give life to his productions in all aspects to ensure that revealed an economy that favors everyone in them living that. Fortunately, there is a country very rich in oil as Venezuela and where the new management of Chavez, which has given a new twist to the country’s foreign trade policy, as well as a new opening of integration, more proactive than that of the previous Governments, offers the opportunity to many of the countries in this region to lean on the proposals generated by being part of PetroCaribeprofits, investments, shares, in order to be partners in many activities that favor him in its economy according to each country’s interests to join the Association.