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Eighth Stage

September 17, 2015

The opinions and conclusions on the workmanships will have to be socialized between the pairs and to be argued by all the involved ones in the work; Fourth stage: – In groups, the pupils will have to search some workmanships of the dramatical sort after that will have to stage for the classroom some fragmentos of these teatrais texts, this activity will have to be photographed, to be filmed for the production of a video or slides; Fifth stage: – The pupils now will have contact through the media printed or digital with headings of maranhense Literature writings in chat: stories, romances, and chronicles; Sixth stage: – After the reading of the texts in chats the pupils will make some corresponding activities to the read texts: I recount, dramatizao, written summary and critical summary. Seventh stage: – Still on the read headings, the social subjects to the workmanships, related with the daily one of the pupils will have to be detached pertinent and that they are contemplated in the PCNs. After that the pupils will make a new research in the Internet on the subjects; they argue on the same ones they write an opinion article, and organize seminaries on the subjects focados in the workmanships chores, searched in the Internet and commented in the article; Eighth stage: – Presentation of seminaries on the subjects focados in the workmanships chores, searched in the Internet and commented in the carried through article and in the classroom; Nineth stage: – The material collected in the research as well as the produced ones for the pupils will have to be registered of form printed and affixed on the mural of the school; Tenth stage: – Accomplishment of a maranhense literary fair organized by the proper pupils from the searched material, of the readings, analyses, quarrels, commentaries, seminaries, written productions, dramatizaes, slides, videos that is of the material and the knowledge gotten through the work with diverse workmanships of some authors of different times and literary styles; Tenth first stage: – All the steps of accomplishment of this project, as well as the productions of the pupils the photographs, the productions of slides, videos will have to be postados in the Orkut of the room or another virtual environment. .

Adventure Tourism

September 10, 2015

Tourism adventure is a variety of trips for pleasure that is gaining more adherents in the world. People already not only conform with looking at beautiful landscapes and locations, but that wish to actively participate in various proposals, come into close contact with nature, and to test his endurance and skills. Few natural locations are provided both for the practice of tourism adventure as Mendoza, in the Argentina Republic. The particularity of the topography of the region of which presents major rivers of meltwater, the most plentiful and murmuring, littered with jumps and quick, favorite stretches of the kayaking and rafting lovers. In addition, the pedemonte lends itself beautifully to tours on Mountain Bike, or simply hiking and camping in the foothill forests. The province has the highest peaks of the continent in a subformacion of the Cordillera de los Andes, so-called silver cord. Precisely, this cord of silver is Mount Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America, with its 6,962 meters. Is there more for the lovers of mountain climbing or rappelling challenging? Certainly not in this continent.

Many companies take advantage of this booming tourism adventure to offer this range of services. However, it should be offer some tips, so that the experience finishes resulting what rewarding expected. First, safety is always first. Therefore, prefer companies that provide adequate safeguards in this respect, for example, providing sufficient information on safety, and the equipment in optimum condition. It is also necessary to count with experienced guides who are well familiar with the geography of the place. What a visitor may seem like a gentle river, for a villager skilled person perhaps not so much, why, do not rely and consult more experienced before making any determination.

Many sites suitable for the practice of tourism adventure in Mendoza are very close to the capital city, so it is possible to organize excursions of half a day or a day of duration, and return to the big city after all of the same. An example are the crossings that offers Kahuak. Kahuak boasts a wide palette of possibilities in terms of tourism options adventure: horseback riding, rafting, abseiling, mountain biking.


September 9, 2015

The inner transformation one only knows what he feels. Knowledge is related more with the feeling that with reason. And we have come here to feel. When we pay to feel there is an apparent loss of identity, understood as identity that set of beliefs and external or internal circumstances that we have identified, we have given that power and over which we have created a false sense of identity, a false sense of self. For example, a person who has been identified with your illness creates its identity around their illness and describes itself as a sick. No matter the title that you put to the disease.

The key is that that person has put all the power in that label. The same goes with which is identified with the role that exercises (I am a businessman, I’m police, I am a painter) or that is identified with his past (I’m a miserable, am ridiculous, am a victim). You look at how look it one it is not anything like that. It is a false identity. The Yogis say that we’re new to each breath. And it is true when you remember that so. Herein is where really exist, where forge and mixes your true identity.

And you’re life, love and consciousness. True identity is a sense inside that does not require any knowledge or any identification. It’s there from the moment in which you chose to come to this world. We can say that the true identity is that feeling or sense of timelessness, of permanence, that remains throughout life while everything to our alredor grows and transforms. The body grows, the external experience change but there is something eternal which is maintained, which is preserved and that invariably exists since you came into the world. It is being. It is what the Mystics call the observer.

Board Construction

September 4, 2015

3. Its active Marketing Plan remember to whom we will go now: to those who still do not know him. By its previous condition of unknown for them, must reach a large number of persons, entities or companies (remember the response of marketing actions %), through a series of successive steps through which must go getting the following achievements: draw your attention. Read additional details here: Rod Brooks. Generate them interest. Awaken the desire. Cause them to the action of purchase / contracting. These potential customers, from the outset, must demonstrate them its differentiated competition, meaning that you cannot (should not) submitted to them as an architect that makes Projects and management of construction, or construction company dedicated to civil and industrial works (is there another kind of works?). Why? Because each one of these individuals, entities or companies probably has or knows one (perhaps several) architects or construction companies friends or acquaintances who also made and management of construction projects.

Do and if you already have one (or several) that they do the same as you or your company says it does, to what would like to another, above, unknown? The answer could be for nothing. But suggest that you work on another response: to present Distinto. To make it different. Do the DIFFERENTIATED competence of a professional construction cannot be taken by: be the cheapest, the most precarious (if precarious) advantage, with which a professional could occur would be: how much could sustain this advantage over the years? As seen professionally under the qualification of potential clients If you would like the cheapest? Offer a good service to the customer would submit is discretely? Remember that potential customers to whom you want to reach LO UNAWARE; then, by way of recommendation, exit on your side of your desk or Board, and put a potential client-side, and make the million dollar question: what may need this group of persons, entities or companies that I / my Studio / my company has to offer?