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November 17, 2015

In his quixotic work it could not nor changed their city or their family; And say he was on his deathbed and commented with his Butler bitterly: all my life I tried to change the world, my country, my city, my family and failed hopelessly. The response from the Butler surprised our man: If you had tried to change it first, your transformation had operated an almost magical change in your family; If you had changed your family, your city would be a better city: having changed your city you would have changed to your country and with that the world would become a better place to live. The dreamer died having learned his lesson later. That is the best reason to assess the learning of life here and now. Think beyond your limitations. Become a person as great as your God whatever this is.The abundance is infinite and we are richer when we share.

It is noble to think that we are not in this world to compete with God but to complete his work; To maintain her energy circulating in our lives and in those that relate to us. He enjoys life as a great experience because it is not. Valued each day and live it as the last because one day will be the last. Get used to appreciate the not as steps on the road to if you’re looking for. Since we are born we hear the Word does not at least one million times and we end up fearing it: do not do this, do not do that, or anything that is not touched that is not said. There are children who learned to say no before they learn to say Dad or MOM. Society has conditioned us to limit ourselves and to the negativity. We try to imitate everything around us; We follow fashion.We want to buy the House or truck that someone said (the advertiser) that was perfect for us.

Rio Society

November 17, 2015

Expressions as ' ' conflict urbano' ' they show that, for the society Brazilian, the conflict badly is seen, and the society again waits the return of the interrupted order, following our holista and hierarchic tradition. Gomes considers novels as an instrument of social navigation. Its vision on the consecration of this narrative sort in the Brazilian society can below be summarized by the paragraph: ' ' Such consecration means to say that in these three decades ' ' to attend novelas' ' , in the different schedules where they are presented daily, one became, between us, more than what a habit. It is as a daily ritual, not limited only to a group, classroom or social class of the Brazilian society. Spread out between all the social segments, the soap operas had become in elapsing of these years privileged subjects conversational, obligator subject, exactly that it was for some to disagree with its implications politics, ideological and cultural, therefore one ' ' problematic obrigatria' ' (GOMES, 1998, P. 12).

' ' Thus, he is not surprise to perceive that the soap operas influence fashions and customs in the Brazilian society, spreading out symbols and signals of modernity. Still in the decade of 1970, at the time of the novel dancin Days, as in the Hamburger sample, to use the striped stockings of the main personages meant ' ' to be on the inside ' ' , it expressed the desire to participate of ' ' Brazil of futuro' ' that, at that time, he was seen as the final destination of ' ' miracle brasileiro' '. Clone, in 2002, placed in fashion typical clothes of the Arab peoples, as well as the constant images of Rio De Janeiro and of Morocco, that if alternated in the screen, I appeal they strengthen it increasing that the industry of the tourism exerts.