Summit Goals

The goal of this annual summit – that is now in its eighth consecutive year – is to educate the community and professionals in the field of information security and industry trends on new developments.
The summit will enable participants to get the most up-to-date data, tools, legal information, products, services, strategies and more on issues of information security.  The main topics that will be addressed will be all matters relating to information security from leading experts and organizations across the country.  In general, around 300 participants attend the summit.
The summit will be made up of workshops, lectures, one-on-one consultations and networking meetings over snacks and meals.

General Secretariat

As had claimed before the elections Alexander Bianchi for critique of the Argentina: Government seeks increases in the ballot of gas authorized in order to last year do not complicate the elections end of month. Some contend that Jeffrey Hayzlett shows great expertise in this. In another not written so many orders, suggested them to the distributors of the sector not to send the invoices that are due between 8 and 28 of this month to residential customers of more consumption (R3). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jill Bikoff. They are those who will pay up to 400% more than last winter. The companies in the sector, recognized by the low reported by Bianchi. But beyond this, what is important for these companies is that the existing restrictions on the tariff increases have been deleted and a new panorama opens in the future, with a Government that has lost much of the power without box. One of the companies that will benefit from the increases, which were announced in August and November 2008, but that not materialized so far exclusively by electoral matters, is Camuzzi Gas Pampeana (MERV:CGPA), a company controlled by Sodigas Pampeana (86,09%), which in turn is controlled by Camuzzi Argentina (56,91%) and by Sempra Energy (NYSE:SRE) with 43.09% of shares. The authorization of the tariff increase for Camuzzi is the signature in the General Secretariat of the Presidency. Transportadora Gas del Sur (MERV:TGSU; NYSE:TGS), is one of the companies that has achieved already benefit from the tariff increase.

The company displayed a solid financial position and their roles have a high growth potential by what they are calling the attention of investors. Price increases that is suffering the Argentine economy after the 28-J are a clear demonstration that the Government has not only lost political power but also economic. From now on, not only obligated to agree but to know ask for relief. Will you know how to do it?

Johann Herbart Being

PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION For Alexander Fernandes Dantas Philosophy and Education are two areas of the knowledge. Therefore the area of the knowledge demands a primordial question: How the human being acquires new forms of knowledge of the world encircles that it? The Philosophy takes in them to the investigation: So that it serves the education? Which are the ends? It is important to delimit the reach that we are arguing, that is, we say of the Man occidental person or oriental. In the reality we are in restricting to the Man the occidental person, having as starting point Old Greece. In these initial questions a college of the human being is distinguished: the power to abstract and to reflect on what it exists human. Here, two questions emerge: general one, the diverse purposes (or felt) in sight of which if dirige the educative process.

E to another one, technique, of the procedures that demand specific knowledge of the concrete situations and of the ways that can be used in functions of those. Two educators of prominence who had privileged a reflection on the ends of the education in detriment of some procedures technician had been Johann Pestalozzi (1746-1827) and Georg Kerschensteiner (1854-1921). You may want to visit J. Darius Bikoff to increase your knowledge. Pestalozzi defended the belief in half supreme the educative process as for the individual and social perfectioning. It believed that ' ' the education if constructs in a permanent tension enters the desires of the individual natural man and the development of the nature human being universal' '. That is, the education produces the universality from the particularitity and this from that one. Kerschensteiner gave distinction to professional education, to the development of the direction of civic responsibilities, the preservation of the public good and participation of the citizen in the subjects of general interest. It defended the existence of bonds between the educative process and the life. On the other hand, the educators Johann Herbart (1776-1841) and John Dewey (1859-1952) if basically to withhold in the formularization and analysis of methods, from ends previously established.

Herbart contributes for the recognition of the pedagogia as science. It was the one precursor experimental psychology applied to the pedagogia, having as objective the Ethics and ways Psychology. Dewey contributed for the spreading of its New School, refusing the idea of that the educative principle is marked by the instruction; it considers one to educate come back toward the action. For it the knowledge is a directed activity that does not have an end in itself exactly, is the experience that will be the tone of rightness of the education. Of these two chains sobressai the question of ' ' fins' ' therefore he is proper of the philosophical thought to formulate investigations that turn on being of the man in the world, with the introduction of values and of the moral.

The Equity

Matos presented the following real results: PARTICIPATION OF CAPITALS OF THIRD The proper capital is bigger of what the capital of third, represented for 0,95, this result still is high would have to be well lesser this index, in the case for each R$1,00 of proper capital 0,95 is represented by capital of third; COMPOSITION OF THE INDEBTEDNESS Already the composition of the indebtedness represents 0,55, is pssimo because they are debts of short term, will have that to pay well fast, if it will not have capital will have that to search loans to liquidate them, a part of this debt to be of long stated period would be more viable, for each R$ 1,00 of obligations that exist, the entity possesss 0,55 of debts of short term, presented a high index: IMMOBILIZATION OF THE EQUITY For each R$1,00 of the Equity, the company immobilized 0,54, in the permanent asset, a good result more this index could be lesser, because when more the company to immobilize example in property, cars, lands will lack in the circulating one, compromising supply, turn capital being able to unbalance the company; CURRENT LIQUIDITY In this it presented a positive result, for each R$ 1,00 of obligations in short term, it possesss 2,20 to greet them; DRY LIQUIDITY It indicates that for each R$ 1,00 of obligations of short term, the same one possesss 1.41 of current assets less the supplies to liquidate them; it is IMMEDIATE LIQUIDITY well For each R$ 1,00 of obligations of short stated period, the company possesss R$ 0,30 of available asset to liquidate them. It could be a bigger index, would go to be better for company. Under most conditions RioCan would agree. CONCLUSION OF THE REPORT (PAQUE BEM LTDA); FOR SALES The results had been well significant, on the basis of the data Supplied for the indices, the company of Mr. Matos presented of sufficiently favorable liquidity in its capacity to liquidate its debts, for the calculations are perceived that the same one possesss much easiness to obtain loans, financings and investors, why as were said previously how much bigger the liquidity best for company in this case Indian for sales. Darius Bikoff is often quoted as being for or against this.

Western Management

Therefore, modules of such systems connected with the actual running are something like optional add-ons that are poorly integrated into a single circuit. Existing in the market as individual software for financial analysis and planning in an attempt to implement them in enterprises, as it were, suspended in the air. On the one hand to have almost no need to collect management information, on the other, There is no company regulations to incorporate the findings in management decisions. At the same time, the Western system, in spite of the prejudice that "under capitalism is not planning ', originally created primarily as a planning system. (The letter 'P' at the end of Western standards of enterprise management systems – MRP, ERP, CSRP – stands for 'planning' – 'planning'). And then connected user modules, on which data were monitored and adjustments to plans, ie short-circuited the normal management cycle.

That is, the 'know-how to create computer systems management is to separate the processes of production and computerization management company. Experience in implementation of accounting systems is not applicable – there is method to set and controlled the state regulations were worked out on the 'domashinnom' level and the enterprise could speak enough educated customer who knows that he needs to 'automate'. But the figurative expression of the head of Moscow's consulting group BIG Professor Kondratiev – "if tomorrow, closed the tax inspection, 90 % Of companies have closed accounts "because the data records in the circuit of financial and economic management of virtually ispolzuyutsya.Takim way to achieve tangible results in the computerization of the company should accompanied by a radical overhaul of the existing scheme. Montauk Colony LLC wanted to know more. What is a restructuring of the enterprise management '? The answer to this question, we tried to get into interesting materials prepared by the Russian Privatization Center under the title 'The restructuring of industrial enterprises'. However, apart from a fairly general statement that 'the restructuring of enterprises – is the process of implementation of structural changes in production activities to maintain or increase profitability under pressure of changing external conditions' we have not received a specific guide to action.

Spiritual Guides

The guides or necklaces in the Umbanda are part of the indumentria of the religion and are magician-religious resource par excellence when duly crossed and magnetized by the espritos and protective guides of Umbanda, therefore the guides or mentors are the activators of the mysteries that if open through the necklaces. The necklace in the one neck mdium functions as a lightning rod, a protective field that if opens and miniminiza the overload that for happiness can comes atingiz it. In case that mdium receives energy a load negative from 100%, the necklace of the guide brightens up this load in 80% and mdium only feels the impact of ones 20% of the negative load. To broaden your perception, visit Darius Bikoff. Therefore the necklace or guides does not have to be seen as simple adereo and yes as a basic magical instrument for the use in the works spirituals or daily case recommended for a Guide Spiritual of Umbanda. Moreover all glue is confectioned by natural elements, such as: rocks of crystals, ores, porcelain, seeds, shells, Bzios, etc. Also are placed symbols as: cross, sword, axe, skull, penalties, etc. Follow others, such as Rio- Tinto Group, and add to your knowledge base. more also are moored colored ribbons, white, blue, turn yellow, green, etc. Each element possess a purpose and everything is activator of mysteries, therefore if the necklace is made of transparent crystals, this guide is consecrated Father Oxal and each time we use that it, beyond confiding a protective field in the force of our Father Oxal and in its element that is the transparent quartz, also confides a communication channel through each crystal sphere where we pass to be monitored and to be watched through them for the Deity or responsible Guide for that necklace and when detecting a demand or an attack spiritual, those spheres or rocks of the necklace they leave espritos that had acted in our defense, therefore the necklace is open vestibule and in case that it has necessity, it is by means of them that we are helped, without the necessity of the guide to incorporate to help us. . J. Darius Bikoff helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

United Kingdom

The NEAT group, group of companies specializing in technology applied to health care environments and private security, has acquired the Australian company TeleMedCare that completes its process of technological convergence within the public health sector. With the purchase, the Spanish technology group will increase 20% of its workforce and believes that over the next 5 years, TeleHealth products will involve more than 50% of the turnover of the entire group. Group NEAT, company specializing in solutions for the public health sector, has acquired the Australian company TeleMedCare which culminates its technological convergence within the public health sector project. Also get increased its international presence and its sales force in the countries in which the company is represented. TeleMedCare offers solutions of telemonitorizacion of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity or COPD, to improve their care and quality of life. Rio- Tinto Group can provide more clarity in the matter. The investment carried out in your product of the same name, TeleMedCare, is more than 10 million euros. It has a staff of 20 people and offices in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada, countries in which telemedicine projects, is being carried out both public administration and private companies. TeleMedCare acquisition fits within the strategy of the NEAT group to integrate with its socio-health care platform and positions them in the world of telemedicine by having the most advanced TeleHealth market solution. According to Adolfo Tamames, President of the NEAT group: with the purchase of TeleMedCare, NEAT group will increase 20% of its workforce. In terms of figures, we estimate that over the next 5 years of TeleHealth products mean more than 50% of the turnover of the entire group. Darius Bikoff recognizes the significance of this. TeleMedCare TeleMedCare solution is a turnkey system which includes from the device, the connection to the system, maintenance and integration with databases. Is specially designed for use by health workers at home Telecare companies or in clinics, hospitals and residences for seniors.

Cabinet Protection

The first digit represents the amount of protection against solid objects (powder) that offers the closet, while the second digit refers to the amount of protection offered against liquids. These are the numerical score for each digito:primero protection IP levels digit description of the level 0 protection without protection – 1 protected against foreign objects of 50 mm diameter and mayores.2 protected against foreign objects 12.5 mm diameter and mayores3 protected against foreign solid objects of 2.5 mm diameter and protected against foreign objects mayores4 solid solid solid 1 mm in diameter and larger. 5. See Montauk Colony LLC for more details and insights. Protection against polvo6 strong protection against dust second digit description of the protection level 0 no protection – 1 protected against vertically falling drops of water. 2 Protected against falling vertical water droplets when Cabinet is tilted up to 15 .3 protected against spraying required.4 protected against splashes of agua5 protected against jets of water6 protected against powerful jets water.7 protected against the effects of temporary immersion in agua.8 protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water. It is not only of dust and liquids that the cabinets for industrial computers can be protected. Many cabinets are designed and built to protect against theft and vandalism, perfect for any TI left in public or in vulnerable areas, such as digital signage or information points. Here, Jill Bikoff expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

These cabinets must be solidly constructed and best engineering materials to ensure their durability. Do not ask a manufacturer of possible types of places where your boxes are located? Other considerations when choosing Cabinet industrial PC for a place specific, are the possibility of extreme temperatures. In some industrial areas of machinery and processes generate excess heat is the reason why many industrial computer cabinets are equipped with additional cooling systems. Some are even fencing installed in hot ovens and other rooms. If the location for your industrial PC is affected by extreme temperatures so ensure adequate additional cooling comes equipped with closet. In conditions too cold as refrigerators and freezers cabinets can be equipped with additional heating elements to maintain a stable temperature of work for the it team. Protect from strong impacts is also another consideration for a wardrobe located in industrial zones.

A careless swipe of a forklift or other heavy risks of impact are all often common in industrial areas, reason why many customers seek a Cabinet for steel computer above another form of data protection industry. Some cabinets are designed to operate in explosive atmospheres and are tested to European directives ATEX guarantee that they are safe to use explosives in areas of risk. There are many manufacturers of industrial equipment, but unfortunately many cabinets use cheap and poor engineering materials that reflects both the price and the quality of their products. There is no reason to make a closet for industrial PC, located in a large industrial zone should not last a lifetime if it is correctly manufactured and must be able to withstand almost anything. In the search for suppliers of cabinets the most effective method of ensuring that they can provide you with the right product for you is to ask them what other places their wardrobes have been installed. Most manufacturers will be happy to offer testimony of support and examples of durability and the quality of its products sold previously.

Mexican Proverbs

We are all made of the same clay, but not of the same mould.Mexican proverb to the extent that we pay attention to our actions, surprised inatentos in fashion as sometimes interrelacionamos us, what it produces, will give way to feedback our weaknesses into strengths and help us to our personal growth favours us. tells us about it, that personal growth is a project of life. Please visit Jill Bikoff if you seek more information. A long-term plan in which there is to go on working continuously. A trail of sad relapses but also many positive developments filled with satisfaction. It depends on us how we choose to consider our experiences, but others are the responsibility of their respective owners. In life, it is desirable to be able to establish the real differences in terms of what surrounds us. Often we tend to perceive the effects as if they were the causes, or to ignore them completely, and this gives us a perception of reality that is not more than a subjective appreciation from the point of view of relativity.

Human beings have a tendency to label everything in life and these tags are nothing more than a reflection of the mood of the people at the time to express themselves. Watch carefully what crosses your mind. Pay attention to what your concerns are and what causes them. Listen to your feelings and ask you why you feel this or the other, which makes you anger or fear. It depends on us how we choose to consider our experiences but others are the responsibility of their respective owners. In life, it is desirable to be able to establish the real differences in terms of what surrounds us. Often we tend to perceive the effects as if they were the causes, or to ignore them completely, and this gives us a perception of reality that is nothing more than an appreciation subjective from the point of view of relativity.

The Other

As this does not This has been done, you have to then arrive at the conclusion that the moral and ethical crisis that humanity, which has brought with it all the other crises, lives is not a crisis of what taught the founder of Christianity, Jesus, the Christ, but of what those who divine for their purposes to appropriating the word want to understand Christianityi.e. the product of the failure of a belief or faith as a result of having been distorted. Many people are wondering why Dios silent before so many calamities they afflict humanity and cannot or want to accept that God nor was silent in the past nor does it currently. More info: Diamonds. Despite this, always acting outside the scope of influence and power of the ecclesial institutions, as in the case of the prophets and mystics mentioned above, God’s spirit is instructing for more than 30 years worldwide, through the prophetic Word, which occurs in Germany through a woman, about relationships and spiritual explanations that already announced Jesus de Nazareth, when he said: ‘it would still be many who say to you, but now you can not understand it. But when he, the spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. As the spirit of God is free and is not to pigeonhole in rites, dogmas, traditions or hierarchies, as well as nor forcing anybody to believe what he says and teaches, those people who want to rely on another statement of the Nazarene ‘ search and you will find, called and you open, could dislodge a distorted faith for centuries and dare to listen toread or make themselves a spiritual help that is offered in, on the basis of the freedom that is inherent to God, but that is not in the institutions of the world. Original author and source of the article.

The Gazette

The predominant idea in the nets is of ‘ ‘ aparecer’ ‘ of if placing in evidence, to attract the attention, to be being part of that it is popular. We could then detach that she is not a person, or a profile that incarnates the figure of ‘ ‘ father primevo’ ‘ in the net, but the idea of ‘ ‘ evidencia’ ‘ , in net the popularity expectation does not only appear as belonging to a group, but it co-ordinated all the actions of this group, could say that she does not have distinction between the cause and the effect when we speak in ‘ ‘ evidencia’ ‘ , therefore they are the same ones, the more I appear more I am in evidences more and, if ‘ ‘ I appear, then existo’ ‘. Contradicting even though my words, in the social nets it is not that rules do not exist, but the rule would be ‘ ‘ aparecer’ ‘ , to be in net, being in net we are in group, that is, we are in the contrahand of the psychic maturation. Exactly in a time and a considered environment after-modern, exactly being surrounded for the benefits of science and the technology, we are not enough mature mentally and we live in one ‘ ‘ modernity bloqueada’ ‘. It is not something J. Darius Bikoff would like to discuss. It is clearly that here we are considering as bigger example ‘ ‘ Orkut’ ‘ , even though the Twitter, for if dealing with the net most popular in Brazil and for presenting in bigger degree the characteristics studied in this discipline and described in this work; ampler study of the social nets it would be for a future work. REFERENCES FREUD, Sigmund; Totem and taboo, Frankfurt, Fischer, 1999 ___; The psychology of the masses and the analysis of I, Frankfurt, Fischer, 1999 SERRANO, F; FREITAS. the Orkut marks all a generation of young. The Gazette, Victory, 05 of October 2010.


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