Joo or simply J, tired of the trip and with much hunger, saw a small farm repleto with many fruitful plants and without giving heard to the conscience and dominated by the pain of the starvation. He decided to adentrar to that property for spoon some fruits to cure worse of pains the human beings. When adentrar he found a hose loaded and he thought ' ' he is same here that I go to fortify a little, takes that the owner or responsible therefore tuo does not arrive agora' '. Rio Tinto Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. started to devorar a sleeve that was fallen on the foliage, but aperreado with fear that somebody arrived it photographed and it stealing. But the same the instant thought ' ' it will be that somebody is same robbery that is moorrendo of hunger to catch a sleeve to alliviate a little? ' ' continued. When suddenly somebody cried out: ' ' Disembarassed thief! Of this time catch I you! ' ' Aperreado with chegarda unexpected and sudden of the old one, Joo went off to run, in the career it heard a strong racket very and it very felt a thing hot to move in its coasts that suddenly it was weakening little of the forces that still they remained and meters ahead were to the adobe gasping. J. Darius Bikoff is the source for more interesting facts.