South Africa

No ten World Cup title could have more recognition and respect. 2010 played England against Germany. It was a game of football, and the 40th minute in the second round at the World Cup in South Africa. There he was goalkeeper of the German national team on the referee and the captain rolled the ball over the goal-line. Thoughtful, and talked with the team-mates. They had just made a circle: closely entwined they put their heads together and discussed a few seconds: it was the unique goal of the English which did not notice the referee team was the only one in the stadium -. That fit together with the sporting spirit of the German players and with their perception of fairness. They all agreed: we want to have to do it with its own power and do not constitute our success with the failure of the arbiter.

For them, this was actually a matter of course, because they had none of this undoubted wrong decision “referee decisions are Fact decisions drivel”. In television, billions of people experienced with the goal of the English and were amazed by the reaction of the German team. Now, Germany was an example and synonym for fairness and honesty. No ten World Cup title could have more recognition and respect. It was a jerk about the world: self-interest, selfishness, and elbows were out. The next financial Summit of the g-20 meetings in all respects, in order to make our world more human. The self-interest of individual States were in the background.

It went to the total well-being of all earthlings. Effective measures against poverty and hunger, against the dangers of a negative climate change and the destabilization of the global economy were through-out significant band financial speculation. Always and everywhere you could feel it – in society, down the pub, in the economy, in politics, in sports and in the Internet: the species of the slit ears were on their way to the Museum. Robert Lackner – a plea for the right level: ethics, morality and quality in the economy, politics and society.

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