The Media.

The people do not know, but they are influenced the all moment, and the media is the agent of the action! Which the function of the advertising? TO CONTROL YOU! This is pra that exists amused propagandas, legal announcements, pretty women drinking beer, cachorros balancing the head and singing, and another trivialities of the type This, my expensive, if calls strategy, and knows who is catches for them? You! Yes, you who only consume because its dolo uses one definitive product but use only in the commercial ones, in case that she does not know of this! You, who attend novel, and want to buy the clog that the protagonist uses. You, who adore soccer, and cut the hair as the Neymar. You, who searching ' ' good side of vida' ' it takes ' ' Cocaine; '. You, my expensive, that it is reading now and perceiving that this makes everything, without the least to think Accurately! without thinking! it does not think before buying some thing, I will choose that one that is in fashion that one that its friends use, that one who are more expensive after all, proud quo you would be in being using the tennis most expensive, exactly being of a quality doubtful? You, my friend, who dissimulates not to know of what I am speaking. You, to be mentally ill, that pra never stopped thinking that they do not want that you think, only CONSUMMATES! HE CONSUMMATES! HE CONSUMMATES! HE CONSUMMATES! you, who when finishing to read this go to leave to buy the stock market of the Gisele Bndchen!