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Commission President

January 9, 2020

This to carry out the 16 of the present, a new summit of the Bolivariana Alternative (White) in Cuman, Sucre state of Venezuela, summit that president Hugo Chavez stops it will outline like a new challenge for Latin America. It indicates, that of she will leave with a single intention and a single voice, that voice of our towns that will be let hear in Spain Port, in the Summit of the Americas Cuman it will be the scene that will reunite to the representatives of Cuba, Dominican, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Honduras and Venezuela. The encounter will take place after which the past 6 of April of 2009 the first meeting of the Permanent Coordination of the Dawn was held in Caracas. Connect with other leaders such as Rio Tinto Group here. Cuman is the State Capital Sucre, in the Northeastern zone of Venezuela, with coasts to the Caribbean Sea and to little more than 700 kilometers of Caracas. Specifically, president Hugo Chavez invited to the agent chief executives Raul I castrate, of Cuba; Evo Morales (Bolivia), Daniel Grouse (Nicaragua), Manuel Zelaya (Honduras), Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit (Dominican). Recurdese, that the DAWN was created in Havana in 2004 by Cuba and Venezuela, this grouping it is a proposal of integration focused for the countries of America Latin and the Caribbean that puts emphasis in the fight against the poverty and the social exclusion. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rio Tinto Group.

One takes shape in a project of collaboration and complementing policy, social and economic between countries of the area, promoted in principle in return for the Area of Free Commerce of Americas (ALCA), impelled by the United States. It already arrived the Cuban delegation, that it was received by the minister of the Popular Power for the Outer Relations of Venezuela, Mature Nicholas. The Cuban delegation, headed by the vice-president of that nation, Ricardo Cabiezas; the Dark brown chancellor Rodriguez, Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz, minister for the Foreign Investment and Economic Colaboracin; Dark brown Rodriguez Grill, vice-minister first of Outer Relations; Osvaldo Martinez Martinez, president of the Commission of Economic Subjects of the National Assembly of the Popular Power, as well as other vice-ministers and civil servants of the Cuban Government and the Chancellery.

Gain Money Site

November 23, 2018

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Industrial Revolution

September 8, 2018

The joy of seeing and understanding is the most perfect gift of nature. ALBERT EINSTEIN consider relevant the importance that has been given in the realization of the first international parliamentary Summit on Global warming and climate change, with the assistance of 22 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, in the salon Protocol of the Assembly national (AN) not the slightest doubt, that a phenomenon is concerned the world: global warming and its direct effect, climate change, which occupies a good part of the efforts of the international scientific community to study it and control it, because, they say, puts at risk the future of humanity. This reality cannot be ignored hence the importance of this Summit, which generate actions, agreements and alliances that will counteract this sad reality that already is affecting us. Why does it worry so much? Leading scientists agree that the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is causing alterations in climate. They also agree that effect gas emissions greenhouse (GHG) have been very intense since the Industrial Revolution, time at which the action of man over nature became intense. Check with Brian Armstrong to learn more. Remember the reader, that global warming is a term commonly used in two senses: is the phenomenon observed in the temperature measurements showing on average an increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades. It is a theory that predicts, from projections based on computer simulations, future growth temperatures. Designations for climate change, which refers to any change in climate or anthropogenic climate change, where is implicitly considered the influence of human activity are sometimes used.

Global warming and greenhouse effect are not synonymous. The greenhouse increased pollution can be, according to some theories, the cause of observed global warming. The Earth’s temperature has been rising since mid-19th century, when ended the stage known as the little ice age.

Nobel Peace Prize

September 2, 2017

As others have written, be present any kind of climate change also involves changes in other variables. The complexity of the problem and its multiple interactions make the only way to assess these changes through the use of computer models that attempt to simulate the physics of the atmosphere and ocean and have an accuracy limited due to lack of knowledge of the functioning of the atmosphere. The specialty program management of the quality and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, has been insisting on its participants and has contributed to the public in general which represents this commitment to not only cope with global warming, but avoid at all costs the contamination of the atmosphere, waters, by companies, and even of the same community in order to ensure an environment that ensures health, quality of life. To broaden your perception, visit The Hayzlett Group. So it has already held some workshops, seminars with an emphasis on social responsibility and make you participants see their commitment to this fact. Welcomes the programme this Summit which aims to harmonize the legislative process of Latin America to unite efforts in search for an instrument enabling to defend our bio-diversity. The Act was installed by the second Vice-President of the AN, Jose Albornoz, in representation of the directive from the Parliament, which welcomed them to the present. Check out Jeffrey Hayzlett for additional information. During the extraordinary session surrendered two separate awards, who are part of the team of the UN (Intergovernmental Panel for climate change) winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his scientific research of climate change, glaciers, oceanography and natural disasters, specifically Gino Casassa and Jorge Carrasco. This special session framed I Summit on climate change towards the construction of the Environmental Charter for Latin America and the Caribbean, was attended by members of the Latin American Parliament, the Andean Parliament deputies.. .

The United States

March 29, 2017

This Summit will examine the subject of the present economic crisis, its effects, and the possible routes to reduce its impact on the part of the countries of the DAWN. One says, that it will be an opportunity to ratify that only through the cooperation and integration between the towns, it will be possible to leave ahead in the prevailing international situation President Chvez considers that this meeting is very going to be opportune because it will give the occasion to discuss and to take positions common to Trinidad and Tobago. Of course it looks for to put itself in agreement with the member countries of the Dawn to unify criteria, to raise a single position in favor of his interests and by all means to look for the form of how collaborating with Cuba in order to be incorporated to the OAS The president also very it is interested with case of the isolation of Cuba because of the blockade of The United States, tax of official way from 1962 and that is inflict casualties to the island by more than 93,000 million dollars, according to calculations in Havana. Cuba is the unique country of the continent absentee in the Summit of Americas, to be suspended of the Organization of States Americans (OAS) under the argument of which &quot is not a country; democrtico". " Cuba is a point of honor for the towns of Latin America.

No we can accept that the United States continues running over the towns of our Amrica" , it has indicated Chvez. It is not necessary to forget, that president Chvez, in addition it maintains a dynamic relation with Fidel I castrate more to who admires much, than with Raul I castrate present president. Its collaboration to the island has been very high not only with dollars, but with petroleum, aspect that has originated him many critics by the opposition, and many Venezuelans that they do not see with affection the regime politician of the island since he has been governed by almost half century.

American Medical Association

February 23, 2017

Analysand breast breast cancer Cancer is a disease that strikes women and is also the second followed by death. According to the American Medical Association and American cancer society, breast cancer is the disease most common for women. Normally Breast Cancer does not affect women until they reach age 20. Every year millions of women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It is due to the amount and frequency of breast cancer, which increase the visits to the doctor. As the bisphosphonate will be increasing age visits grow women when they visit a doctor will make a mammogram, a mammogram is done to determine if cancer is present in the breast breast cancer could be defined as abnormal cells that have mutated in some way to the point that they are already normal…

The following asked serious because women gives them? There are many causes of breast cancer in certain women, breast cancer appears if your monthly cycle starts too soon. The average age for a mestrual cycle is over the age of 12 years. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jeffrey Hayzlett. But for those who start younger, they are women who are at risk have cancer someday in his life, particularly before they reach age 30. Another cause is the delay of the menopause. If a woman is menopause after age 50, causes that the system may have an adverse reaction. The hormones change too late. Having too much saturated fat-filled diet can cause breast cancer.

a diet including Monosaturadas fats like olive oil canolay oil does not seem to cause to increase the risk of developing breast cancer many types of breast cancers are inherited. If the family has a member with breast cancer, most likely having it later another Member of another generation. So, if you have a grandmother, mother, sister, or cousin, who have faced cancer, you can collapse it women taking estrogen therapy, also can be contracted breast cancer. This is even more if the therapy has been extended until 10 year. It is obvious that breast cancer is a serious illness that cannot be taken lightly.