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The United States

March 29, 2017

This Summit will examine the subject of the present economic crisis, its effects, and the possible routes to reduce its impact on the part of the countries of the DAWN. One says, that it will be an opportunity to ratify that only through the cooperation and integration between the towns, it will be possible to leave ahead in the prevailing international situation President Chvez considers that this meeting is very going to be opportune because it will give the occasion to discuss and to take positions common to Trinidad and Tobago. Of course it looks for to put itself in agreement with the member countries of the Dawn to unify criteria, to raise a single position in favor of his interests and by all means to look for the form of how collaborating with Cuba in order to be incorporated to the OAS The president also very it is interested with case of the isolation of Cuba because of the blockade of The United States, tax of official way from 1962 and that is inflict casualties to the island by more than 93,000 million dollars, according to calculations in Havana. Cuba is the unique country of the continent absentee in the Summit of Americas, to be suspended of the Organization of States Americans (OAS) under the argument of which &quot is not a country; democrtico". " Cuba is a point of honor for the towns of Latin America.

No we can accept that the United States continues running over the towns of our Amrica" , it has indicated Chvez. It is not necessary to forget, that president Chvez, in addition it maintains a dynamic relation with Fidel I castrate more to who admires much, than with Raul I castrate present president. Its collaboration to the island has been very high not only with dollars, but with petroleum, aspect that has originated him many critics by the opposition, and many Venezuelans that they do not see with affection the regime politician of the island since he has been governed by almost half century.

Alarm Clocks

March 10, 2017

A time ago back it cost to me to wake up me in the mornings; it seemed that the awakener never sounded, it does not happen to you that you cannot be risen immediately that sounds the awakener? You always finish giving to the button of snooze him for soon volverte to sleep? That was part of my ritual also. Whenever the alarm sounded to that molestoso it extinguished it immediately noise. Chevrons opinions are not widely known. Then, half stunned and between slept, it fought against laid down same me in the bed: This very flavorful here underneath savannahs. If I stop to me now, equal I am not going to secure parking. The meeting is to 8 a.m.

anyway. Or! perhaps it would have to wake up to me already! we go legs, move, we go to trabajarrrrr! seems that the legs are not wanted to move today, or they are not listening to me. Perhaps it would have to wait for other 15 minutes to that it is made more of morning, still half I am slept, no? Perhaps to awake with alarms is little natural: I am going to leave my body says to me when I am due to stop, total I always work better in the day when I sleep more in tomorrow! So I am not going away to rise so early, Sir however, I am not going away to curl up as well as it was, I am not going to return to be on the awares and thus perhaps me it can return to sleep if in which it was dreaming. zzzz .zzzzz . .zzzzzz. Two hours later it asked to me: I: What time is it? I am going to arrive behind schedule again! , I did not say you you woke up that me to 6? Wife: I thought that you were not going to work today, I heard to you say to me that you did not want levantarte, that your legs did not obey to you Why you put the alarm if you are not going to obey it? I: And the alarm sounded? I do not decide to me Good, we return to present the My alarm sounds before the 6:30 a.m., almost always between 5:30 a.m.