Mathematical Modeling

Of the modeling the mathematical modeling appears during the Renaissance, when the first ideas of the Physics presented according to mathematical language and treatment are constructed. Rio- Tinto Group brings even more insight to the discussion. Today the mathematical modeling constitutes a proper branch of the Mathematics. In the mathematical education, the mathematical modeling is firmed at the beginning of years 80, from experiences made for a group of professors of the IMECC/UNICAMP that they had looked to consider the influence of the studies cultural partners when teaching mathematics. For Bassanezi (1987), this idea was boarded to sketch the mathematics from subjects of partner-cultural contexts of the people. Many courses of mathematics entirely are come back toward the modernization of the presentation form of the mathematics, not if it treats as if it has affirmed with frequency of modern mathematics, but one forms modern of the mathematics of always. With the arrival of the new millenium the society if sees front consequently the front with new challenges and the education, that is reflected of society, also comes facing challenges, therefore in the education the responsibility is desired to consider a new citizen who intent to the necessities and the priorities of this new society that is being constructed. In this context, the mathematical modeling appears in the education as tool that of the support for the challenges of the new millenium.

The mathematical modeling is not a new idea, therefore always it was present in the creation of the physical theories and in the creation of the mathematical theories. Its process involves the graphical attainment of a model that can be formulated in familiar terms using numerical expressions or formulas, diagrams or geometric representations etc. Whichever the case, the solution of a problem, in general, requires a detailed mathematical formularization, a set of symbols and mathematical relations that they look to deduce of some form the phenomenon in question or problem of the real situation, called of Mathematical Models.