Rondon Project

In the biblioteconomia area a great imbalance of the extensionista area, this area is verified being restricted only to the curricular period of training. The Rondon Project in the biblioteconomia course if inserts in the demand of social formation of the course and opens the vision of the student for the reality of the Brazilian libraries. For who it studies in the University of Brasilia the vision of libraries are the specialized libraries, with informacionais, human and finaceiros resources, in the cities satellites it is possible to see the chaos biblioteconmico, but one does not see these spaces as workstation. With in the distance of the librarian of its social function in the estudantil and professional life, the participation in projects during the academic formation allows the one formation ' ' librarian social' '. The experience of the author in the Rondon Project if relates to its experiences in great Headboard cities? MG, Tupanciret? RS and Itapirapu? MG, in the respective periods of January of 2009, July of 2009 and February of 2010. In the Great Headboard City, it was observed necessity to implant a library that took care of the educational demands, cultural and social of the citizens.

To create an environment that makes possible the access to the knowledge, to awake the interest for the reading and the creative capacity. For the children and young in pertaining to school age the library will be a pertaining to school referencial for research and works. The young will be able in the space and with the quantity of the library to study for the tests of vestibular contests and to have access to literature. In these three cities we observe that the quantity was not treated nor processing, the professionals are not specialized and they had not received no formation. The libraries are still little used spaces for the community, due to quantity and space lack, therefore the quantity that is available is inexpressivo with regard to the number of inhabitants.