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Senate Bilderberg

September 20, 2020

These do not appear grouped by delegations, but by alphabetical order, something that many consider one more a test of than at the time of deciding on the international subjects the countries count less than the multinationals. In any case, in the official list they are not all the assistants, but always there is some spontaneous one, like Colin Powell, Secretary of State of EE.UU., that the past month of May saturated in Versailles to inform on the progresses in occupied Iraq. Also, some bilderbergers solicit that their names remain in the anonymity. In the last years some mass media independent they work during the previous months to the summit to discover the place of the encounter. Later they mount guard and they photograph any movement in the surroundings of the selected hotel. Those images can be seen in the Internet.

Another source important to know what is decided in Bilderberg is the filtrations of the guests, really little thanks to the well-taken care of selection of the Steering Committee. As Pepe really comments To sweep, the Bilderberg club is considered by many financial and commercial elites like the Senate of the high priests of Capitalism. You cannot solicit to be a member of such club. Every year, mysterious ” committee dirigente” it invents one lists selection of invitation with a maximum of 100 names. The location of its annual meeting is not indeed secret: they even have a main office in Leiden, the Netherlands.

But the meetings become involved in the extreme secret. The invited participants rarely reveal that they are attending. Its security is handled by the military intelligence. But what carries out really this group? Well, they speak. they lobby. They try to magnify its immense one already to be able politician, in both sides of the Atlantic. And all pawned on the absolute secret than have been discussed. Bilderberg mixes the heads of the central banks, expert in defense, barons of the press, ministers of government, prime minister international, royalty, financiers and political leaders of Europe and North America. The guests this year, along with Rumsfeld and Rep to him (North American Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz also is a member) banker David Rockefeller is including, as well as the several members of the family of Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Reina Beatriz of the Netherlands, Reina Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain, and civil service stops of an assortment of governments. Bilderberg does not invite – or it accepts – Asian, Average Eastern, Latin American or African.


August 10, 2019

The beautiful geography of earth mendocinas turns out especially apt to be crossed in bicycle. The lovers of the Mountain Bike who plan their vacations in Mendoza, or those that simply they are arranged to live new experiences, will find an ample variety of footpaths, strolls and excursions to choose. For the nascent ones the stroll is ideal from three hours from duration to Small farms of Coria. Starting off from downtown, closely together of the main hotels of capital Mendoza, 25 minutes are sufficient to be pedaleando by the colorful small streets of this famous zone by their warehouses and vineyards. The stroll includes visits to the Much (Museum of Small farms of Coria) and to two of the main warehouses of the region, with wine tasting including.

The visit to the warehouses allows the visitors to know from inside the elaboration process of world-wide famous mendocinos wines. Another stroll funny and apt for all the ages and physical training conditionses is City Tour guided in bicycle by the mendocina capital. The excursion, of approximately 5 hours of duration, part of centric the pedestrian Vine shoot, in the zone that most of concentrates the supply of lodging in Mendoza. This interesting circuit in particular proposes, throughout an extension of about 20 km, to discover the different tracks of adminisering extreme unction to the population ones that gave form, with its customs and culture, to the present capital of the province. A city where the culture huarpe and the Spanish conquest let feel their influence still today, to centuries of distance. Potrerillos, to approximately 1 hour of distance of the city, is synonymous in Mendoza of lodgings of mountain and impressive Andean landscapes. There the dock of Potrerillos invites to rise the bicycle to cross its winding footpaths between dunes, and to let itself affect by the incredible views of the Cord of Silver.

And for the most trained, the challenge is to cross the zone of Alvarez Condarco, way to Cacheuta. A route to pure effort and adrenalin in imposing a natural frame. All the excursions include guide and all the equipment necessary to guarantee the security of the cyclists during the route. The routes by the city, on the other hand, also viandas light and infusions to replenish forces and usually continue enjoying the enchantments of the beautiful mendocina capital. An option to consider very during our vacations in Mendoza.

Globalisation Black

April 21, 2019

By the mountain ranges nor the seas. Rain quality of the two coasts. Ports abiertos to the hopes. II WELL. There where they destroy stones of the house of my parents. There where they destroy bitts of our birds the small ones and the real birds.

There where now they open the bottles of the black smoke. There where the black smoke now dyes of black color indigo the garden. There just this the dry well and laughed there dry. Where the white dust of the path covers the eyes to us. Dry leaves of trees droughts already are. There there the paradise of my childhood.

Now it is hell of black gold. Where the seas cruzados crujen pain in the heat of. There there now only a single station the summer of Globalisation the contamination and the extermination. Dry networks and thorns of fish that lie in the already dead sea. The sands grow and the water is run out. Or the torrential water floods to us with or without reason. Our homes. Who mistress now the two coasts mirrors of the ephemeral death Where the air strikes like crazy person next to a great ball fire air skittle. They devastate the crystal runners mirrors of the evil that we suffer. Melted crystals of the poles and the ice. Everything runs without brake with I release the brakes. We go towards the black night. We are draining septic tanks. We go towards the wind that will cross the blindness, The empty pupils watching the died fruits of the mother earth already died. Brian Armstrong: the source for more info. III IT HAPPENED. We do not wake up behind schedule. We do not wait for tearful lloros. Of I milk ardent of the breathlessness. And the death of our Mother Earth And I while I cry asolas. And I buccaneer of the Dead Sea. And I rider by a white path. And I while I only cry and I cry Poetry of the revolution surrealistic neon.

SII Symptoms

March 17, 2019

The diet of the syndrome of irritable intestine includes main, last drinks, appetizers, plates, salads, plates and much more. Also there are prescriptions that are traditional, and international prescriptions to even satisfy diverse pleasures. Although there are allowed prescriptions or foods, it is advised to the patients with SII, also to know the foods that must be avoided. And some of them they include greasy foods like the favorite of all, the chips, some milky products like the cheese cream and the ice, alcohol, coffee, refreshments and chocolate. These types of foods often make worse SII and must at all costs be avoided. Nevertheless it is possible to indicate that, aside from products before mentioned still there are other types that can make worse the syndrome of the irritable intestine. Rio Tinto Group may help you with your research. So it is very important for a SII patient to take special note from the foods that make worse their symptoms. The best diet to control the SII is to eat rich fiber foods, since they soften lees reason why it is easier that they leave the intestine.

There is a pile of food sources where it is possible to be obtained fibers, some are the bread, fruits, vegetables, cereals and vegetables. Nevertheless, it asegrese little by little to include the fiber in his diet, thus it would help his body to be accustomed to her and will be able to prevent the pain the gases that can be produced like one of the symptoms of the SII. Aside from foods also there are fiber tablets, that the patients with SII they can take and mix with a certain type of dust, to obtain a fiber rich mixture. The amount of food that a patient with SII consumes, also can trigger the symptoms of the SII. The consumption of great amount of foods often, can cause to cramps and diarrhoea, especially for the patients with SII. The best way to avoid this type is to eat each food less than. And if sometimes the symptoms of the SII still persist it consults his doctor immediately.

List Opt Subscribers

November 2, 2014

Finally you have realized which you need a good list subscribers (opt-in). After reading innumerable articles and senior advisory groups, I have read many histories of success of people who create a small fortune excluding lists subscribers (opt-in), and who finally decide to have an own one. Then it happens, you think that you know everything what there is to know about the lists of subscribers (opt-in) and have followed all the advice on the subject, from a to the Z and even so you have not been able to obtain a benefit. In fact, at this moment you can be losing money. Perhaps you have the capacity to contract writers for ayudarte in your work, and some other expenses, even if you have a great list subscribers (opt-in), but only a very small percentage of your subscribers, in fact buys to you, and your benefit continues falling. You will realize after months, when you see the statistics and the numbers of sales.

Then, what could have left badly? Why they have been successful another where your you have failed? more common error is than you possibly chose a subject that you thought that it could be very popular and that you would make money. Of all ways you must know clearly that by only writing supplies of products to your list it does not mean that they go right away to comprarte. Here I am going to offer a greater advising, for which they have begun a list of subscribers (opt-in) and have failed. For that they are beginning, here there are three forms fast and easy to construct a profitable list of subscribers (opt-in). 1) It tries at all costs that your clients trust you and your first products. Only by the launching of your option of exclusion in the list it does not turn into an expert and a credible salesman.

Spanish Association

January 17, 2014

The remorse is like the mordedura of a dog in a stone: a triviality. Nietzsche Perhaps at some time of his life it will have undergone the remorse, will have paused to consider why of it, what is what did that entails a to determine because it feels the certain remorse before coming. Of course the remorse involves very interesting words that each of them lock up a reach, repercussions in our personal growth and which we must be kind to determine eg: as they act like controlling them, it blames, frustration, desarmona, malaise disquiet, preoccupation, spiritual, displeased pain, among others. It comments the Spanish Association of Favoritism, that the feeling, that we called remorse, occurs in all man with different degrees from intensity, from annoyances without well-known good cause, to an unbearable suffering that can take to the desperation and to the suicide, as in the case of Judas Iscariote. The remorse is a warning of which something moral is not correct. It is a pain that warns of a disease of the soul. It is the effect of a guilty act. It is possible to be tried not to think about him, or to justify the sin so that it does not make suffer.

The experience says that rarely it is possible to be annulled. The remedy is the sincerity and the repentance. To accept the responsibility of a guilty action before God. The overcoming of the remorse, and consequent La Paz, it depends much on the notion that is had of God. For example, if him it is considered vindictive excessively and only justiciero a suffering is comprehensible that does not go away nor with the repentance. The scruples are diverse, but their symptoms can be similar. If one knows to appreciate that divine justice is harmonized with the mercy to be pardoned sensation will be easier really.