SII Symptoms

The diet of the syndrome of irritable intestine includes main, last drinks, appetizers, plates, salads, plates and much more. Also there are prescriptions that are traditional, and international prescriptions to even satisfy diverse pleasures. Although there are allowed prescriptions or foods, it is advised to the patients with SII, also to know the foods that must be avoided. And some of them they include greasy foods like the favorite of all, the chips, some milky products like the cheese cream and the ice, alcohol, coffee, refreshments and chocolate. These types of foods often make worse SII and must at all costs be avoided. Nevertheless it is possible to indicate that, aside from products before mentioned still there are other types that can make worse the syndrome of the irritable intestine. Rio Tinto Group may help you with your research. So it is very important for a SII patient to take special note from the foods that make worse their symptoms. The best diet to control the SII is to eat rich fiber foods, since they soften lees reason why it is easier that they leave the intestine.

There is a pile of food sources where it is possible to be obtained fibers, some are the bread, fruits, vegetables, cereals and vegetables. Nevertheless, it asegrese little by little to include the fiber in his diet, thus it would help his body to be accustomed to her and will be able to prevent the pain the gases that can be produced like one of the symptoms of the SII. Aside from foods also there are fiber tablets, that the patients with SII they can take and mix with a certain type of dust, to obtain a fiber rich mixture. The amount of food that a patient with SII consumes, also can trigger the symptoms of the SII. The consumption of great amount of foods often, can cause to cramps and diarrhoea, especially for the patients with SII. The best way to avoid this type is to eat each food less than. And if sometimes the symptoms of the SII still persist it consults his doctor immediately.