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Globalisation Black

April 21, 2019

By the mountain ranges nor the seas. Rain quality of the two coasts. Ports abiertos to the hopes. II WELL. There where they destroy stones of the house of my parents. There where they destroy bitts of our birds the small ones and the real birds.

There where now they open the bottles of the black smoke. There where the black smoke now dyes of black color indigo the garden. There just this the dry well and laughed there dry. Where the white dust of the path covers the eyes to us. Dry leaves of trees droughts already are. There there the paradise of my childhood.

Now it is hell of black gold. Where the seas cruzados crujen pain in the heat of. There there now only a single station the summer of Globalisation the contamination and the extermination. Dry networks and thorns of fish that lie in the already dead sea. The sands grow and the water is run out. Or the torrential water floods to us with or without reason. Our homes. Who mistress now the two coasts mirrors of the ephemeral death Where the air strikes like crazy person next to a great ball fire air skittle. They devastate the crystal runners mirrors of the evil that we suffer. Melted crystals of the poles and the ice. Everything runs without brake with I release the brakes. We go towards the black night. We are draining septic tanks. We go towards the wind that will cross the blindness, The empty pupils watching the died fruits of the mother earth already died. Brian Armstrong: the source for more info. III IT HAPPENED. We do not wake up behind schedule. We do not wait for tearful lloros. Of I milk ardent of the breathlessness. And the death of our Mother Earth And I while I cry asolas. And I buccaneer of the Dead Sea. And I rider by a white path. And I while I only cry and I cry Poetry of the revolution surrealistic neon.

List Opt Subscribers

November 2, 2014

Finally you have realized which you need a good list subscribers (opt-in). After reading innumerable articles and senior advisory groups, I have read many histories of success of people who create a small fortune excluding lists subscribers (opt-in), and who finally decide to have an own one. Then it happens, you think that you know everything what there is to know about the lists of subscribers (opt-in) and have followed all the advice on the subject, from a to the Z and even so you have not been able to obtain a benefit. In fact, at this moment you can be losing money. Perhaps you have the capacity to contract writers for ayudarte in your work, and some other expenses, even if you have a great list subscribers (opt-in), but only a very small percentage of your subscribers, in fact buys to you, and your benefit continues falling. You will realize after months, when you see the statistics and the numbers of sales.

Then, what could have left badly? Why they have been successful another where your you have failed? more common error is than you possibly chose a subject that you thought that it could be very popular and that you would make money. Of all ways you must know clearly that by only writing supplies of products to your list it does not mean that they go right away to comprarte. Here I am going to offer a greater advising, for which they have begun a list of subscribers (opt-in) and have failed. For that they are beginning, here there are three forms fast and easy to construct a profitable list of subscribers (opt-in). 1) It tries at all costs that your clients trust you and your first products. Only by the launching of your option of exclusion in the list it does not turn into an expert and a credible salesman.


October 24, 2014

Everything still, everything quiet, until the mailbox is more vacuum that usual, thing that surprises me really must be heavy dedicated to filling trash mail also are running out of budget, something that it is worthy of being held. Nothing special Wednesday except the next arrival of the summer school holidays and little else, so yes with a bit of luck politicians will also go on vacation and leave tangle a few days, although the country not noticing too. I love it when summer arrives and all down his rhythm of tension because they are thinking about other things lighter, in a few days will begin snakes of summer in press. More than one this year it won’t be going on holiday as yesteryear, change its shelter for something simpler, perhaps a chaise lounge under a pine tree, the crisis continues its course taking ahead everything what is within your reach. The sandwich at the bar of next to the radio still costing six euros, which may be considered a fortune, or at least so I think this for times of crisis like the current ones. Admit that I want to finish the season in the radio, luckily missing each day less, the season is being durillo by anything that the promotion departments of publishers have decided to make something more access to its products with the excuse of the retrenchment of promotion due to the blissful crisis. While the pyramid scams boys are the only ones who do not lose the hope of capturing some cousin more in times of crisis the scammers are the most quiet are because many will fall into their prey networks of promises of easy money. The crisis makes people make some decisions a bit strange and sometimes fall into networks and bad companies, without thinking too much about the subsequent consequences. Admit the crisis beyond me, I understand it and understand it but overwhelms me, me stressed and it has managed to take some aversion to economic supplements that seemed so interesting me long ago. The numbers in times of crisis are more friendly in the world and you will notice it too since they are something undeniable. Frankly there are days to deal with the crisis that surrounds us is a little worrying, because it is everywhere and can be seen in all aspects of life. Original author and source of the article.