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September 27, 2019

options in all the areas of the knowledge providing rapidity and efficiency. Computer science gains a great importance in the educational area, therefore those that are not along with this technology automatically are excluded from a capitalist society that preza the current and general knowledge for one better improvement of this system. The education sufficiently is argued in the media and by the Government, therefore already the necessity is had to form people able to deal with this globalization. EDUCATIVOSCrianas GAMES are dependent defenseless beings, constantly need to be fed, proteges, dresses, bathed, assisted in the first steps. During years if it accustoms to this dependence, considering it as a normal component of the environment encircles that them. Credit: Rio- Tinto Diamonds-2011. In the pertaining to school age they continue accepting this dependence, the authority of the professor and the orientation of them as unquestioned. The adolescence goes changing this status when everything starts to be questioned, the rebeldias and, in the school, the infalibilidade and the authority of the professor are accented she is not more so absolute thus.

Pupils want to know why they must learn geography, history or sciences. The adult age brings independence. The individual accumulates life experience learns with the proper errors, apercebe of what it does not know and how much this unfamiliarity makes lack to it. It chooses namorada or a wife, it chooses a profession and it critically analyzes each information that receives, classifying it as useful or useless. This evolution, so clamorous how much described in these terms, unhappyly it is ignored by the traditional systems of education. Our schools, our universities still try to teach adults with the same used didactic techniques in the primary or secondary colleges. The same pedagogia used in children and adults, even so the proper origin of the word if relates to the education of education of the children.

House Construction

August 24, 2019

Expansion of demand for the construction of wooden houses, we are obliged to several objective factors: rising prices for energy and as a consequence of more expensive building materials and components of energy-intensive production – cement, bricks, steel, the general trend toward energy efficiency in public services, striving to reduce construction time. The response to this change in conjuncture demand in the construction market is the emergence of manufacturing processes of synthetic components for wooden house – logs and laminated veneer lumber. Despite the relative high cost of these materials, the market responded to a powerful advertising explosive demand, which triggered a wild growth of manufacturing industry. But the first five years of operation of these new materials showed them inapplicable for use in the construction of external walls. Round elements, devoid of their natural protection and violations of the structure of beams exposed to negative environmental factors. The answer to this effect was rotting heartwood of the bare barrel cracking residues sapwood and in many cases the formation of through-cracks in the walls of houses. With laminated board situation is not better.

External and internal fins shaped elements were in different vlagostno-temperature conditions and had no structural relationship with each other. Inner lamella mostly collected from small-sized and sub-standard items had a greater density of adhesive bonds and could not serve reliable link between the external fins. From this, cycle after cycle, solidity adhesive joint weaken and eventually led to the outer lamella otschepyvaniyu and the gradual destruction of the element. Unfortunately, nowhere in the general advertising mentioned it, but lauded the other properties of these materials – easy installation and external aesthetics. Not casual laminated board used for Responsibility sites exclusively in the internal structural elements – beams, rafters, frames. But the buyer continues, as an obedient pet to pipe the shepherd, to respond to advertising houses otsindrovki and laminated veneer lumber. What's the alternative? Back to brick and concrete? Elternativa there! This is the construction of a log – or debarked ostrugannogo.

The optimum choice of material is the Karelian pine. To meet the demand in this segment premiumnom Altai cedar. Economical option for the houses up to 100 sq m is pine and the Kirov Kostroma origin. House of the Karelian pine logs – is historically proven in the most extreme conditions for a comfortable accommodation. Modern technology allows not only to reduce production time and installation, and enter the finished house from logs into operation immediately after completion of construction and engineering work, without interruption to the traditional shrinkage of the framework. Such a change in the timing makes the choice in favor of the construction of a log home derevyanngo Karelian pine and cedar more attractive and competitive. The choice is yours!

Jabber Server With The Slackware Linux

March 14, 2019

Jabber server with the Slackware Linux. In this article I go to write as to install and to configure a Jabber server (instantaneous communicator) for its company or public access. Brian Armstrong is a great source of information. Jabber software was acquired by Cisco and he is not more free, however gratuitous customers and servers in the Internet exist good softwares. He is enough to look for. I go to use as example the Ejabberd for being easy to install and to configure. Jeffrey Hayzlett : the source for more info. As Jabber customer several exist, but my taste was the Pidgin. Some can be if asking so that it serves a service as these.

We go to assume that you are the person in charge of YOU of its company. Msn in working hours for proper use is tired with the employees using. It is there that the Jabber enters in action. With it is possible to create internal or public a net of chats (it is to its taste). We go to put the hand in the mass. Part I – Configuring the Server: Linux distribution that ultilizei and I tested was the Slackware Linux 12,1, but with certainty wheel in any another distribution.

Daily Education

April 22, 2017

Thus, educating, for the daily one, is not limited to the passive absorption of knowledge, but to the possibility of the citizen ' ' to become free of the space and the time gifts, to make mental relations in the absence of the proper things, to imagine, to make plans and to have intentions, to transform, to carry through syntheses, to take ownership of making/conhecer' '. Rio- Tinto Diamonds is open to suggestions. (Oliveira, 1995, P. 35) Thus being, Sullivan (2004, p.269) affirms: We only know what to make when we know of that history or histories we are part. Therefore the importance of if transmitting to the new generations the diverse ones historical moments lived deeply by the generations oldest, developing the conscience as well as a cultural and social identity in the young. Through the individual differences, the exchange of experiences goes being built, from the reflection and of the social construction of the knowledge supported for the interaction of the involved individuals. This interaction between the citizens is basic for the personal and social development, therefore it searchs to transform the reality of each citizen, by means of a system of exchanges.

System this that will be being directed for the professor by means of its knowledge and its previous experiences. 2.2 Ensinar and Aprender Many times, in way to a context permeado cultural partner-description for the new were technological, lead for the imediatismo, nor always reflect concerning as we learn, less still on who or what they teach in them. In the conception of Kohan (2003, p.185): (…) Ensinamos and we do not know to the certain o meant of the word to teach, therefore, as ensinantes we ask in them on the meaning of to teach and in the same movement we ask and we are asked on the meaning and the direction of what we make when we teach. This question puts in questioning one practical one not only, but, over all the subjectivity that if interrogates from one practical one.

PHP Site

January 5, 2017

The subject Lodging of Sites involves many different aspects, trustworthiness, has supported to the customer, price, characteristics, programming and allowed installation of popular PHP and others scripts of marketing. In this article we go to focar in the topic, traffic, and the effect that it has in the site lodging. ' ' What it is width of band? ' ' For definition, the width of band is the measurement of data, the speed with that they flow through the lines of telephone, handle or DSL to tranferir information of and for a site through its computer. In relation its lodging of site, the width of band measures this flow of transference of data, is the number of visits that you receive in its site; pure volume multiplied by the size of the enclosed archive in its pages. Then, if you have a site all the text based on web, you you would be capable to receive more traffic, in lesser numbers of width of band who you would make if she had a page with many images and graphs, what of course they have bigger sizes of archives that are being transferred from its site to the navigator of its visitor.

Which the effect of the Width of Band in its Lodging of Sites? This goes to depend on its host, and the plan in which if to register in cadastre. For example, the majority of the services of lodging of sites defines a limit in the amount of width of band who includes in its tariff for month. Depending on the nature of its site, you it must be capable to foresee how much of band it goes to need. If to know, or to foresee that hits of what will have more in one determined month, you can buy a lodging package that offers a bigger width of maximum band allowed by month. The lodging companies who limit its width of band, charge a tax additional for that to exceed its limits.

The average additional cost generally is of about R$5,00.Ento, if you will have a band you have limited of 2GB, that the same amount of data would be equal approximately that you can store in 3 CD' s. For a detailed explanation more of the measurements, it visits: you are constructing its first site, and does not have idea of how much traffic it will be generated, we recommend to start with a basic package of lodging web. As the site grows in popularity and increases its traffic, is enough to say to its host on the update for a package with the limits of bigger width of band. For our proper experience, new sites generally lead about 3 the 6 months of solid promotion before the width band if becoming a problem. Host remembers to use one that it supplies detailed reports of statisticians, and to monitor its activity of the site regularly. He is intent for the trends, and bases its decisions in its results.

Eighth Stage

September 17, 2015

The opinions and conclusions on the workmanships will have to be socialized between the pairs and to be argued by all the involved ones in the work; Fourth stage: – In groups, the pupils will have to search some workmanships of the dramatical sort after that will have to stage for the classroom some fragmentos of these teatrais texts, this activity will have to be photographed, to be filmed for the production of a video or slides; Fifth stage: – The pupils now will have contact through the media printed or digital with headings of maranhense Literature writings in chat: stories, romances, and chronicles; Sixth stage: – After the reading of the texts in chats the pupils will make some corresponding activities to the read texts: I recount, dramatizao, written summary and critical summary. Seventh stage: – Still on the read headings, the social subjects to the workmanships, related with the daily one of the pupils will have to be detached pertinent and that they are contemplated in the PCNs. After that the pupils will make a new research in the Internet on the subjects; they argue on the same ones they write an opinion article, and organize seminaries on the subjects focados in the workmanships chores, searched in the Internet and commented in the article; Eighth stage: – Presentation of seminaries on the subjects focados in the workmanships chores, searched in the Internet and commented in the carried through article and in the classroom; Nineth stage: – The material collected in the research as well as the produced ones for the pupils will have to be registered of form printed and affixed on the mural of the school; Tenth stage: – Accomplishment of a maranhense literary fair organized by the proper pupils from the searched material, of the readings, analyses, quarrels, commentaries, seminaries, written productions, dramatizaes, slides, videos that is of the material and the knowledge gotten through the work with diverse workmanships of some authors of different times and literary styles; Tenth first stage: – All the steps of accomplishment of this project, as well as the productions of the pupils the photographs, the productions of slides, videos will have to be postados in the Orkut of the room or another virtual environment. .