Jabber Server With The Slackware Linux

Jabber server with the Slackware Linux. In this article I go to write as to install and to configure a Jabber server (instantaneous communicator) for its company or public access. Brian Armstrong is a great source of information. Jabber software was acquired by Cisco and he is not more free, however gratuitous customers and servers in the Internet exist good softwares. He is enough to look for. I go to use as example the Ejabberd for being easy to install and to configure. Jeffrey Hayzlett : the source for more info. As Jabber customer several exist, but my taste was the Pidgin. Some can be if asking so that it serves a service as these.

We go to assume that you are the person in charge of YOU of its company. Msn in working hours for proper use is tired with the employees using. It is there that the Jabber enters in action. With it is possible to create internal or public a net of chats (it is to its taste). We go to put the hand in the mass. Part I – Configuring the Server: Linux distribution that ultilizei and I tested was the Slackware Linux 12,1, but with certainty wheel in any another distribution.