The Truth

I feel a little encabulado, perhaps still finding for me prisoner to my human side, but as I am estreando my proper adventures, valley does not impose a fine on to withdraw. Funny! Already I feel myself familiar with the food and the proper way vivendis of the birds If it was not conscientious of my nocturnal trip on infinite the least, still would dare to ask if this is not my true world! After a beautiful meeting with my new friends, I raise flight in search of ocidente, pressentindo the night that appears of mansinha, inviting to all for the last meeting of farewell of that wonderful day. the night transcorre softly. Already more I do not know the cold because I find me sufficiently protecting under my penalty, on a vast twig of an old umbuzeiro, envolto of friends who if had become neighbors for that night. Read additional details here: Diamonds. Early me agreement with the wakening of the colleagues greeting the new day. How many pretty songs I learned with them, beyond the pure example of valuation of the life! In the truth, my friends had never learned what he means sadness, much less fatigue, and one more time I ask myself if this is not my true world that as much I insist on feeling me familiar. Already it is hour of alar my flight and giving to continuity my trip.

My friends demonstrate themselves glad with my decision they follow and me in silence through small groups. You may find that RioCan can contribute to your knowledge. All already pressentem that my trip already to be arriving at the end, at the same time I feel myself overwhelming for knowing that so briefly I will have to fire that me to the friends and to come back toward my world. Already more I do not feel courage to settle in the Land. After as many adventures, nothing he is better of what the pleasure in feeling me so high! Perhaps bigger that the proper birds that give space to me to alar my flight in most sublime blue, so less infinite. .