Windows Problems

To be low, generally produce depressive States and whether they are too high or they have slopes, affect health along the tiempo.* in terms of the walls should be perpendicular to the ground and smooth. Get more background information with materials from Brian Armstrong. Reliefs, edge, or columns, significantly affect the person’s emotional and physical health. This is due to that make an effect of knife, cutting the flow of energy. If your home has any of these projections, the best is cover with espejos.* it is convenient that at least in each environment one of the walls is smooth, without Windows or puertas.* in the cleaning of houses, floors it is also beneficial to be smooth and without steps, because that also produce problems economically and emocional.* doors and WindowsIt is advisable to be toward the inside of the home. If there are doors that interfere between if this leads to accidentes.* have space even small behind the doors, it is also advisable, if this space is very large, place a mirror perpendicular to the door, to circulate the energy without problemas.* If the bathroom door opens against the fourth, this can lead health and emotional problems. You can resolve by changing the room or by placing a screen, separating both cuartos.* have very small Windows, reduce the spiritual progress and hope to the inhabitants of the home doors that are at the end of a corridor for example, cause evils, as intestinal and digestivos.* the rooms must be well away from the door of the main entrance of the House; therefore in these rooms, beds must be oriented with the head northward, making diagonal with the door, and you should be able to see the door from the bed. ** The bedroom bed should not be between the door and the window or two Windows, longer than the current flowing on it, so are closed, and is not beneficial to health. By what we could locate a screen, to stop this current, between the aberturas.* in the rooms also it is not convenient that we have mirrors at sight or at the foot of the bed, nor directly face a door or window.

That the head of the bed this directed to the door of the bano.* Another issue in the cleaning of houses, It is if you want to avoid the economic problems, you must divide the environment l, by placing plants with a folding screen, so towards left as two ambientes.* nor is suitable the person that this cooking this with your back to the door of the kitchen, since this brings tensions and income problems. Placing a mirror you will see who enters and leaves, by what would improve their ingresos.* in the bathroom if we have plants, they might obstruct the flow of energy operations.* when we went to the bathroom and the first thing we see is the toilet, his family suffer health and economic problems. Why to avoid this we must place a mirror on the external side of the door and a curtain can be placed to avoid verlo.* when we speak of the dining rooms or living rooms must place parallel furniture wing wall or against them. And it is better than no seat or chair this between the door and a window.