Who Is A Lawyer ?

Everyone probably knows who is a lawyer and what he does. To seek a lawyer whenever you need to go to court, draw up a contract, get advice. Almost every "self-respecting" the company has at least one its legal adviser, vigilantly tracking compliance with the lawful rights and interests of his employer. At the same time, there are many law firms and lawyers are professionally engaged in legally protected interests of their clients. So what are the advantages or disadvantages of services or that kind of lawyers? Undoubted advantage of enterprise-house counsel is that it is that he always "at hand". To obtain advice or making the necessary documents manager simply call its office.

Called – and after 10 minutes he was on the spot. In addition, the company lawyer knows all workers had already been established with them relationship and therefore all internal affairs (identity documents, the necessary data, etc.), he decides the most effective. The lawyer, according to prevailing law, may not be an employee of the enterprise. It can only to represent his interests. The advantage of a lawyer is first, that to obtain this rank you must have at least two years of legal experience and pass qualifying exams. "Scab" lawyer says that the owner already has sufficient experience and his title validated by his fellow lawyers.

Thus, it gives some assurance of competence representing your rights. Law firms also have a number of advantages. Professionalism of lawyers and law firms in their careful selection, as professionals in their field, dictated by the necessity of survival firms in the market. For a law firm legal services – is its main activity. By the law firm sought, if in-house counsel can not cope with the work by virtue of inexperience or workload. Much more advantageous to use one-time services of the law firm than hired for a short period of another lawyer. In addition, one lawyer may specialize only in any particular form of legal relationship, and the composition of law firms are usually equipped with various types of legal rights. For example: a specialist in real estate tax specialist, a specialist in arbitration disputes, etc. At the same time in the process of communication between the lawyers themselves, share experiences significantly increase the professionalism of each employee. The Act gives additional guarantees of compensation for harm caused by wrongful acts of another organization. If the employee is possible in most cases to recover damages only to the extent of his salary, then with the law firm can recover the entire amount of damages. Services of law firms more profitable use to small or medium-sized businesses. Signing a contract for legal services with a fixed monthly payment, not exceeding, as a rule, the salary a staff lawyer, you get services not one or two, and a group of professional lawyers. In addition, there is no risk that the performance of work will be interrupted due to illness (decree leaves) staff member. Law firm to replace the temporary inability to perform the work the lawyer immediately provide another. There is another important fact in favor of a law firm before Duty Lawyer: plant manager does not spend money on creating, maintaining workplace lawyer. The law firm is engaged in its own organizational issues. Client only enough to say the essence of the problem, explain the purpose to which you want to achieve, to provide the necessary documents. The rest will do everything for him, his representatives – employees of the law firm.