Ana looked at confused and noticed in its eyes a load to it, a hard pack. She passed the hand in the tired face of the friend, covering to it all the face, and with the closed eyes Petter she said: ' ' Je t' aime' '. ' ' Je t? aime' ' , Ana thought while still she looked the face of the friend. ' ' What it will be Je t? aime' '? It did not obtain to say nothing. Peeter if taking and holding one of the hands of Ana in its face said: ' ' If it does not forget mim' '. was adentro its house.

Ana without understanding what she was happening, ran behind of the friend who perceiving the confusion in the small head of Ana turned over and complemented: ' ' It is all good, I do not go confundiz it. Until some day. reads carta.' ' With the trembling lips Ana obtained to pronounce grumbles: ' ' Where you go Peet? ' ' . ' ' It is all good, everything finishes as he has that ser.' ' The door answered Peeter closing. Confused Ana seated in the rocking where it was Peeter and she read the letter. To give to impulsivity tears drained it the face while it read the end of the letter: ' ' Yours I silence it orders, me to go even so, and it is this that you want, and it is as soon as I will make. More it I leave a little of my love with you. Same you. It remembers when I broke the arm when I jumped of that tree alone to prevent that you slid of it? when I held the hot popcorn pan alone so that it did not fall in its feet? when turned nights writing to it verses and placing them in its closets at last to find that Jhon, the Jhon stranger who writes? Today it will discover really loves who you.