Overcome Internal Barriers

You've probably heard this phrase, "Before you establish a business in million $, you must first become a man of a million $ ', ie act, think and make decisions in a million. Look at the successful people who built huge corporations, huge empire. Before each of them creates something, they become people who could act in a million $, they became leaders, people who can lead the team, able to confidently decisions. Each of them had seen in my thoughts the result of his future actions. It becomes clear that to become a businessman in a million $ you need to learn these skills, successful people.

Yes, the shortest path -To learn from these people, immerse yourself in an environment of successful people, learn biographies of people whose actions inspire you. Gain experience and to act. It seems that here it is the solution. But I'm confronted with a situation that even deep in such an environment, some people did not budge. It seems to be true, we derived the solution, found the shortest way to becoming a leader and to the skills in a million $. What have we missed? Here comes psychology, I noticed that people constrains "Inside I can not" Internal type restrictions, "I can not earn so much money" or "I can not build a business" and so in style "I do not " How to solve this problem and how to overcome internal barriers, no matter what shape? We have an incredible resources, attracting a response that few uses.

Our brain-This is how the system Google, asking the question 'how', and he gives the answer. So I went and bumped into a practical solution to date One of my mentors in the business. Now you're faced with this obstacle, you can easily step over it. Write down five beliefs that somehow you are restricted. Write down five beliefs that help you to go to their goals. 1) Select a conviction from the first list (example: "I can not earn so much money") 2) Describe why ("I have a small salary") 3) Describe your Senses ("No time and opportunity to do what I want to have I have a bad mood ") 4) Now, write down the statement, the opposite of your beliefs (" I could earn as much money as I want ") 5) Describe why (" I'll find an opportunity to receive more revenue will find the opportunity to earn as long as necessary, and build a business in million $, I ask myself (actually Google) question "how" and get a clear answer and a solution ") 6) What you have a new belief? 7) Describe how the new belief affect your life. ("I have a lot of time and opportunity to do what I want, I have something that makes me happy, I can do everything, my mood at height ") Take this new belief and live with him! Yes, these 8 steps without a doubt help you to change your life transcend your "I do not " You can not deceive me, I know what you can do anything. Only few people turn on their Google:)) I wish you success in business, Friends! Sincerely, Sergey Pereverzev!