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Word Mr

September 30, 2019

J_sus gave to you. (Ef. 4.7? the favour was granted to each one of us according to ratio of dom of Christ.) Ajude to each of vocs to be productive, for cairdes in the futilidade and nor not to lose your intention to glorify Mr. D_us. (1Pe. 1.8 Because these things, existing in you and you increasing, make with that you are not nor inactive, nor infrutuosos in the full knowledge of ours Mr. Jesus Christ.) 2. A NECESSARY COMMITMENT These attributions will be for me a continuous challenge as your shepherd.

, So that I to shepherd obtain you effectively, however necessary also one becomes that each one of vocs, together with me and my family really let us desire to be shepherded by Mr. D_us Sl. 100.3. That let us be entirely submissos to the Word Mr. D_us, our only source and rule of practical faith and it let us not deviate in them nor for right, nor for the left Js. 1.7.

thus, each one of vocs, as well as all your families must assume the permanent COMMITMENT of: Obedecer integrally the Word Mr. D_us. Cuidar zealously of the vocs family. When necessary to communicate and to search pastoral aid for aconselhamento. Under most conditions Jill Bikoff would agree. not to much less lose the ternura in the home nor in the Church Mr. not to be proud. not to be rebellious opposition to me nor to the distinct one and loved Advice of the Church. Exercitar a life of continuous conjunct. Cultivar a life of persistent personal sanctification. Desejar burningly to walk inside of the will Mr. D_us. Aprender in the Word Mr. D_us concerning the direction and intention of your lives and deaths. To be ahead humiliated of the SEHOR D_us at those moments of crises and desperations. To be sincere in relieving the disaffections and problems in the aconselhamentos, searching answers in the wisdom of the Word Mr.

The Human

December 7, 2013

The colors, the sounds, the images, the temperature, the texture, the density of objects, its delineation, its luminosity or opacity, the notion of art, ugly or the beautiful one; the standard of recognition of everything that is subjective as well as it is its impression in each individual. If a contained force will not be governed it will escape for the canal the one that is narrowly on. Ugly and the beauty, good and the bad one, pleasant and the disgusting one depend on the reaction of each individual that will feel particularly and react under the discharge of diverse substances poured in its organism stimulated by the sensations that had. Some sounds, taken to an individual and kept by a specific time, can cause tremendous damages to it in its constitution; since a psychological emotional bother, an epilepsy, a organic injury and – beyond these psychosomatic riots – can cause it its death even though. In all the kingdoms only more apt they survive, strongest, capable – most equipped they guarantee the continuity of the species. To guarantee a good ancestry it is necessary to prove its capacity and to evidence its domain.

The Human beings already had exceeded this period of training: They are children of the LOVE. All contained force governed will not at risk place the container contains that it. The initiate lives a thousand lives in one and feels a thousand sensations where the neophyte nothing perceives. When the man does not dominate its desires, dominates it to these. Each thought stimulates certain cells of the brain and exercises one fabric, agency or muscles of the body, as well as also it influences in its sanguineous and lymphatic flow. The mental organization of a person is sharpened by the character of its thoughts and the tension or force of its will. The voices of the animals are the echoes of the nature.