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Columbus Source

March 22, 2019

The pair were now his separation is known from end, past. The great love between Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong is gone and now go both seperate ways again. A source told “there were no Uglies or dramas. No, they’re all very sad and disappointed that it has kept with the love of the two not so long. Both have decided to end this thing now. The newspapers mentioned Mining not as a source, but as a related topic. There will be now no mudslinging or any dirty details.” The 29-year old actress and the 36-year old ex-racer have undertaken together much, as for example on the last weekend.

There they were at the three-day Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG Summit in Columbus, Ohio. That was probably the last joint events, which visited the two as a pair. Reason should have been standing back and trips of the two allegedly for the separation. Thus a veritable pressure should have been created, so the source. Finally to say: both want to remain friends. Well, if that’s OK? Lisa Walters

Reggae In Argentina

April 9, 2017

Mainstreaming is a key success of reggae: let me be a mason, a striper, a professor of art history or a participant of Big Brother, if I go to a place and I am well received, certainly want to return. Pemco has many thoughts on the issue. And this move includes much more than those against. The nucleus of the argento-Jamaican audience rastamanes are hard, those who know perfectly well who was Haile Salassi I, those who buy vinyl rocksteady, which in a roast only see a massacre of poor animals. This small but militant group known to be the most dogmatic, and look at the changes around them with suspicion: those who say reggae artist but apart from the purest there will be little more than succumbed to the temptations of Babylon. Around it was an important gathering of people cumulus internalized in the genre but do not adhere to the precepts religious / philosophical.

The public sector of the pudding, he enjoys scuba diving in this mundilo, often finding new musical experience (Are you prophetic or recommend Sizzla Culture, for example) and, above all, follow local groups outside of festivals and major events. We will also enter the ganja, but eat and not kicking chinchulines moves to Africa. And last is the group that gives its massive status of the scene: the casual visitor. Here is where the reggae rhythm is received world: just go to a concert of any band had settled averagely convener for people from all suits, living in peace without being frightened of each other. Three dreadlocks hanging from the fourth ring of Saturn, less than a meter of five owners of tuned and their blonde girlfriends. In a show of reggae, one out of tune, beyond an occasional singer. The scene is look, its principles and its own codes, but those who claim not require you to accept you, which usually does not happen in punk, metal or rolinguismo (do not believe me? Go with a set of pink pants see Dancing Mood and Forks, and then Tell me like I was on each side). And then if I have fun here and everyone respects me as I am, why not again? “And why not invite my friends? The theory of reggae proclaims the equality of all men, the practical uses, in microcosm, the same concept. Coherencua between saying and doing, so if that is new.

Hotel Monte Conquero

August 21, 2014

Within the cycle that is being developed each summer in La Rabida Ibero-American Forum under the title of the Forum nights, next Friday 17 will arrive to your scenario Sidonie and Love of Lesbian groups. Sidonie is a catalan group of alternative rock.Rock for the night on Friday in the Ibero-American Forum were catapulted to fame with the theme of his own name Sidonie, where released several songs that served as advertising tuning (Sidonie Goes To Moog, for ads of the FNAC or Feelin’ Down 01 chain for an announcement of the State). The latter was controversial since Sidonie group, sent a statement referring that they did not agree with what the Government put that ad and that nobody had told them that his song was going to be published for such purposes. They have done collaborations with other groups such as the Madrilenos laziness or the Catalans soup of goat and Love of Lesbian, with those who act on Friday. Love of Lesbian, for its part, is also a group of catalan indie pop-rock, born in 1997.

This year they have brought to light his last work, the eternal night. Not vivid day, seventh Studio album. It’s a double consisting of 18 tracks of which in April 2012 three, Wio, unique beings and invisible hunger were ahead reaching the top of sales in platforms such as iTunes. The disc focuses on the night and anonymity within a large city. The Diputacion de Huelva offers a free bus service to the headquarters of the Forum, which will depart as every year from the door of our Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva best located in the city. The output of the same will be at 21,15 hours and 21,45 hours, returning at the end of show.