Columbus Source

The pair were now his separation is known from end, past. The great love between Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong is gone and now go both seperate ways again. A source told “there were no Uglies or dramas. No, they’re all very sad and disappointed that it has kept with the love of the two not so long. Both have decided to end this thing now. The newspapers mentioned Mining not as a source, but as a related topic. There will be now no mudslinging or any dirty details.” The 29-year old actress and the 36-year old ex-racer have undertaken together much, as for example on the last weekend.

There they were at the three-day Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG Summit in Columbus, Ohio. That was probably the last joint events, which visited the two as a pair. Reason should have been standing back and trips of the two allegedly for the separation. Thus a veritable pressure should have been created, so the source. Finally to say: both want to remain friends. Well, if that’s OK? Lisa Walters

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