Raymond Leather

For the maranhenses, who was Gentile Braga caught the standard of Gonalves Days; with Trajano Galvo and Marques Rodrigues. The three had published partnership book, ' ' Three liras' '. Beyond already cited, and the most known maranhense poet romantic, who was Gonalves Days, still the author of &#039 was distinguished; ' Guesa' ' , a national epic with a foreign hero, who marks the ticket of the most original and inventive Sousndrade as of the romantic Brazilians, and will project still it in its future as poet who passed of fraudulent pains, to embark for the critical-social side of its poetry. Chronological, the generation of maranhenses poets that is alive in the start of first and the second decade of Century XX, and that already it tries the changes romantic-parnasianas will one more time face the change of that aesthetic pendulum. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rio- Tinto Diamonds. It is that, for return of the last room of Century XIX, the aesthetic one of the rigid or objective poetry, represented for the maranhense Raymond Leather strap it goes to put into motion itself in the contrary direction: the return to the subjetivismo and the inefvel. To the logic the vacant is put in front.

It was plus reapanhar, a repescagem of the tradition. Again the human feelings go to preponder on the aesthetic feelings the Symbolism did not aim at to the concretude of the aesthetic object, and yes to its appearance, not to the idea in itself, and yes to the primary, sensible and inexact idea. The terms elect and will be said of certain metafrica, symbolic form. One forms to sing the true one for a deeper level, perhaps, of the reality. A level that, to the times, would lead to the hermetismo, where the poetry if transforms into pure language, to the search of the analysis of the human subconscious mind, inside of a process that marked the subjetivismo, not individual it as in the Romantismo, and yes, the universal side.