Rafael Paredes Coves

We interviewed the of WALLS, Rafael Paredes Coves. second part. WALLS! Founded in 1954 in Elche (Alicante, Spain), WALL SHOES 100 is a Spanish brand that has kept for over 50 years in the competitive footwear market in our country.Today has established itself as a leader in manufacturing and marketing worldwide. Conceived as a family company, was created by D. Casta o and Jos Paredes is currently managed by the second generation of the family, as its director Rafael Paredes general.Con time, the company has diversified its business lines, to focus on three major activities: – SPORT, with its range of footwear and urban. – OUTDOOR, which includes footwear lines and mountain hunting. – SECURITY, products for the prevention of occupational hazards. Milestones Hist ricosEl great foundation on which sits the legendary company is based, since its inception, to provide the best value for money in the market, maintaining and continuously improving the excellence of his shoes and placing it at the highest levels of comfort and ergonomics . With a significant investment in R D projects and in new equipment, products manufactured by SHOES walls have been designed to offer consumers a shoe developed with the latest technology and marketed under the bid a fair price and quality extrema.La WALL SHOES overall strategy through the development of highly specialized product lines covering the most demanding needs, and to be adapting to the expectations of the market and the customer. One of the great strengths of the company lies in the flexibility with which it has adapted to an ever-changing marketplace and its constant struggle to figure prominently in the windows of shops and department almacenes.En this sense, his line of footwear SPORT is present in retail establishments (mainly shoes and sports facilities) and in some supermarkets.With respect to the line OUTDOOR sold primarily through specialty stores, while online shopping is available EPIS SECURITY. WALL SHOES has facilities of 7,000 m2 and the annual production amounts to more than 1 million pairs of shoes.