Ken Wilber

Ramon Gallegos Nava who has been visited in Guadalajara by educators around the world. Holistic education allows the integration of science and spirituality, where mind and matter are part of the universal flow; This traditional education does it since it considers them contradictory. When we are born we went for a light as beings spiritual to be educated on the basis of contemporary culture that us corresponds, currently present a very limited awareness level, starting with the thought of first grade, although almost NULL due to being in the beige meme, as Don Beck explains his dynamic spiral; We are totally dependent on our instincts only aided by the care they give us adults, especially our parents. We have had the opportunity to be educated in professional studios, in my case in an area of technology, using a mechanistic model, clear is, in its phase of decline at the end of the 20th century, where collected contributions from many educators and scientists, have enabled us navigate at the Orange level of the development of consciousness. Progress to level technology is highly developed, only that we have noticed that this model is finished in the sense humanistic and spiritual, since the values they promote are pathological, among them we can mention competition, ganadores-perdedores policy, the accumulation of power, the dominance of mankind on nature, the wealth of the few versus the poverty of the great majority, the war as a means of conquest, among others. At the beginning of this century (postmodern era) has taken great boom the need to transcend levels of consciousness towards thinking of second degree (yellow meme and turquoise meme), since for not developing a comprehensive vision of the universe the continuity of the human species is endangered. Spirituality is the Foundation for the evolution of consciousness, and thus be able to walk in the deployment of the Kosmos, consolidating the noosphere and achieved enlightenment through a holistic-spiritual vision, to establish the transmodern age, as Ken Wilber points out in his study on the evolutionary development of the consciousness.