Mario Vargas Llosa

The Literature of the amazonian world has been in five centuries a long dialogue of mythologies. Those that conceived in hundreds of languages ten native million of which they inhabited his borders to the arrival of the European, and those that contributed to the Spanish and the Portuguese, who consolidated then and who with the American adventure became great planetary languages. It is necessary to read the talkative one, of Mario Vargas Llosa, or Macunama, of Mario de Andrade, to feel the complexity of indigenous myths and the free, audacious and stirring way as sensitivity interrogates racially mixed them transforms and them into disquieting parabolas of modernity. ” One lengua” , Jorge wrote Luis Borges, ” it is a tradition, a way to feel the reality, not an arbitrary repertoire of smbolos”. The majors native languages of the region are ticuna, shipibo-conibo, guahibo and warao, but, although decreasing in demographic terms, are the tup-guaran, mby, kaiw, pai there tavytera, chirip, omagua, the engat, the languages boras like muinane and miraa, and huitoto like ocaina, nipode, meneca, murui, nonuya and coixoma.