American English. History Formation

In 1607, John Smith founded the first colony in Virginia. And in the beginning of the XVII century, Europeans began to settle in North America. Early settlers had a very small amount, but after three centuries, they became millions. People were leaving in the hope of a new, rich, free, full of interesting events and adventurous life. More information is housed here: RioCan . He created a completely new society with its laws and principles of life, its economic structure, with their statehood.

In America, people were leaving for various reasons: some had hoped to get rich quick, someone hiding from the persecution of avenging arm of the law, someone wanted to gain political freedom, and someone wanted to get rid of religious persecution and find freedom of religion. There were many reasons. People came to America from various European countries. But most of the colonists were from England. When England began develop the economic crisis (1620-1635 years), and many Englishmen have become unemployed, go to the production of cloth is not due to lack of raw materials, harvests were killed or did not have time to mature, people left the country in hopes of a better life. America seemed to be fabulous, full of wealth and new opportunities for the country. Therefore, it is English language became the main language of communication in the then nascent vast country. At the initial stage of American English language differed little from the British. English colonists came from different areas of the UK, and language groups of people from different regions differ in their pronunciation of individual words, and use of lexical revolutions.

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