The Other

As this does not This has been done, you have to then arrive at the conclusion that the moral and ethical crisis that humanity, which has brought with it all the other crises, lives is not a crisis of what taught the founder of Christianity, Jesus, the Christ, but of what those who divine for their purposes to appropriating the word want to understand Christianityi.e. the product of the failure of a belief or faith as a result of having been distorted. Many people are wondering why Dios silent before so many calamities they afflict humanity and cannot or want to accept that God nor was silent in the past nor does it currently. More info: Diamonds. Despite this, always acting outside the scope of influence and power of the ecclesial institutions, as in the case of the prophets and mystics mentioned above, God’s spirit is instructing for more than 30 years worldwide, through the prophetic Word, which occurs in Germany through a woman, about relationships and spiritual explanations that already announced Jesus de Nazareth, when he said: ‘it would still be many who say to you, but now you can not understand it. But when he, the spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. As the spirit of God is free and is not to pigeonhole in rites, dogmas, traditions or hierarchies, as well as nor forcing anybody to believe what he says and teaches, those people who want to rely on another statement of the Nazarene ‘ search and you will find, called and you open, could dislodge a distorted faith for centuries and dare to listen toread or make themselves a spiritual help that is offered in, on the basis of the freedom that is inherent to God, but that is not in the institutions of the world. Original author and source of the article.