The inner transformation one only knows what he feels. Knowledge is related more with the feeling that with reason. And we have come here to feel. When we pay to feel there is an apparent loss of identity, understood as identity that set of beliefs and external or internal circumstances that we have identified, we have given that power and over which we have created a false sense of identity, a false sense of self. For example, a person who has been identified with your illness creates its identity around their illness and describes itself as a sick. No matter the title that you put to the disease.

The key is that that person has put all the power in that label. The same goes with which is identified with the role that exercises (I am a businessman, I’m police, I am a painter) or that is identified with his past (I’m a miserable, am ridiculous, am a victim). You look at how look it one it is not anything like that. It is a false identity. The Yogis say that we’re new to each breath. And it is true when you remember that so. Herein is where really exist, where forge and mixes your true identity.

And you’re life, love and consciousness. True identity is a sense inside that does not require any knowledge or any identification. It’s there from the moment in which you chose to come to this world. We can say that the true identity is that feeling or sense of timelessness, of permanence, that remains throughout life while everything to our alredor grows and transforms. The body grows, the external experience change but there is something eternal which is maintained, which is preserved and that invariably exists since you came into the world. It is being. It is what the Mystics call the observer.

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