Western Management

Therefore, modules of such systems connected with the actual running are something like optional add-ons that are poorly integrated into a single circuit. Existing in the market as individual software for financial analysis and planning in an attempt to implement them in enterprises, as it were, suspended in the air. On the one hand to have almost no need to collect management information, on the other, There is no company regulations to incorporate the findings in management decisions. At the same time, the Western system, in spite of the prejudice that "under capitalism is not planning ', originally created primarily as a planning system. (The letter 'P' at the end of Western standards of enterprise management systems – MRP, ERP, CSRP – stands for 'planning' – 'planning'). And then connected user modules, on which data were monitored and adjustments to plans, ie short-circuited the normal management cycle.

That is, the 'know-how to create computer systems management is to separate the processes of production and computerization management company. Experience in implementation of accounting systems is not applicable – there is method to set and controlled the state regulations were worked out on the 'domashinnom' level and the enterprise could speak enough educated customer who knows that he needs to 'automate'. But the figurative expression of the head of Moscow's consulting group BIG Professor Kondratiev – "if tomorrow, closed the tax inspection, 90 % Of companies have closed accounts "because the data records in the circuit of financial and economic management of virtually ispolzuyutsya.Takim way to achieve tangible results in the computerization of the company should accompanied by a radical overhaul of the existing scheme. What is a restructuring of the enterprise management '? The answer to this question, we tried to get into interesting materials prepared by the Russian Privatization Center under the title 'The restructuring of industrial enterprises'. However, apart from a fairly general statement that 'the restructuring of enterprises – is the process of implementation of structural changes in production activities to maintain or increase profitability under pressure of changing external conditions' we have not received a specific guide to action.

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