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The system is checked, among other basic aspects, through documentation, implementation, compliance, continuous improvement and evidence. A company certifies once you have manuals with functional operation procedures, where those responsible for using them aware of them and apply and, complying fully. Precisely with these manuals and procedures, the company is ready to certify at the time that responsible for its direction aware that the quality of management is not the quality of the product but the system of quality management that ensures consistency of processes, since the certification applies to the quality management system and not to the products made by the companytherefore a company is certified not with the firm of having complied with the requirements, but with the installation of an efficient system of quality. Taking into account that the company is certified when it complies with certain traits that characterize it as a company of quality, features, such as: having an updated documentation or evidence of possessing a system able to meet the basic requirements ISO 9000 ensure a consistent implementation between the practice and the system documentation, i.e. demonstrate makes what is being said. measure the effectiveness of the results, i.e., assess and diagnose the effectiveness of the management system in the management of competitiveness. meet the poor areas through corrective actionanalyzing the root problem.Definitely, to all of the above you can add, that it is necessary to have procedures written to point to how to create and authorize the use of the documentation on the quality, how to distribute among the various sectors and persons, how to modify when necessary and to remove obsolete documentation for that avoid confusion with which is valida.