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National Museum

October 21, 2014

However, they had a (done behind the Castle) passage that strategically communicating its whereabouts with the Vipava Valley. This Valley is located thirty kilometers and is very rich in vegetables, fruit and cereals. Everything seemed to be solved until a servant denounced him and was killed with a powerful cannon shot while he rested. As all element become legend, it has your brand today, so that, in honour of Erasmus, the celebration of a tournament takes place. Prior to this episode, this site had different masters who lived there. We can access in several ways to the cave that is installed behind the construction.

The most famous entrance is stable, that the simplest results also. There are remnants that come from the age of copper, of Roman and late stone age. This shows in addition to how its inhabitants were able to guard against enemy attack. Although many of the elements and works that were able to be there, today look them exposed in the National Museum of Ljubljana, we can delight us during the visit with oil paintings, a collection of weapons, objects typical of the era and a sculpture of La Piedad that dates back to the year 1420. The building shows the intelligence of your construction with regard to the exploitation of natural spaces since all nook formed naturally has been tapped for everyday purposes.

So, it has rock steps, passages and inner galleries that allow at the top are having a natural water supply circuit. Among the facilities it has a chapel, residential stays and a Dungeon. Touring not only we delve into the history of past centuries, but in a world of fantasies and legends that allows, on the other hand, we get into the lifestyle of men of yesteryear. A few years ago, the visit to the Castle boasts a guidebook that explains and gives a historical context to the newcomers that made the circuit in very small groups. Some reasons maintain relationship with the internal temperature and the interior space, as well as good physical condition to be able to cross it to fund. Official site provides information for guided tours, among other data. Warns us there, in addition, to get to know all environments must be having a special team. Moreover, in winter not accessible is where as it has a colony of bats, they are hibernating. Also interesting the possibility of trekking, since here we have many roads and signposted circuits leading to dream forests. Article written by, hotel reservations in Slovenia.