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National Liturgy Week

March 31, 2019

The Apostles, a word follow me and leave the networks, and leave the boat on the shore, and follow Christ. Only a Word and there is a radical change of life. For more specific information, check out Coinbase. Matthew follow me, and let taxes and follow Christ. Hence therefore always come watching encounters with Christ, a change of life there in a transformation. We can also mention that Jesus met with Pharisees, with the rich young man, with Pilate, Herod, but here there is a change why? because in your heart there is a self-sufficiency, and then the divine grace of the meeting does not act. There are life-changing when the heart is simple, and is an open heart. But even there is another text that need your attention, which is the Pope’s inspiration to write this letter to stay with us Lord chapter 24 of San Lucas in verse 13 to 35, those two disciples who have fled Jerusalem for fear, towards Emmaus, and Christ is made present.

The invitation has, not the disciples. Risen that Walker makes with them and begins to share the conversation, you are invited to stay and share bread, and they recognized him, do not remain in Jerusalem, and now again joyful communicate the big news, there is a change, a transformation, become happy and glad to say we have seen Jesus, be has appeared with us. We can mention more stories, they are sometimes long, sometimes short, they presented Jesus, presented to the person concerned, a Word, several words, several phrases. Now well, the Eucharist is a meeting and is an encounter with the mystery of Christ, is meeting with Christ will take its rituality, as we have seen in the two disciples of Emmaus rituality: greeting, conversation, Word, break bread, and turned to give testimony, there is a ritual, and ES rituality performs the transformation and the change of persons.